No Winter For the Arctic in 2016 — NASA Marks Hottest January Ever Recorded


The Scientists are floored and we should be too. The global heat and especially the extremely high temperature departures we’ve seen in the Arctic over the past month are flat-out unprecedented. It’s  freakish-strange. And what it looks like, to this particular observer, is that the seasonality of our world is changing. What we’re witnessing, at this time — it looks like the beginning of the end for Winter as we know it.

Hottest January on Record — But the Arctic is Just Outlandish

Anyone who observes the Arctic — from scientists, to environmentalists, to emerging threats specialists, to weather and climate enthusiasts, to just regular people unsettled by the rapidly unraveling state of our global climate system — should be very, very concerned. The human greenhouse gas emission — now pushing CO2 levels to above 405 parts per million and adding in a host of additional heat trapping gasses…

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6 thoughts on “No Winter For the Arctic in 2016 — NASA Marks Hottest January Ever Recorded

  1. And, what does this mean for the non-humans living in these regions? Extinction.
    Humans have no capacity to face reality, because we have created our own artificial reality: our man-made society, with all its Humanist ideologies, technological God-like “fixes.” But none of these will save us from major climate disruption and catastrophe. We rave about how many houses now have solar panels, and how many wind generators cover the land, but none of these temporary pieces of glue, stuck in the leaking Planetary Dam , will stop the dam from collapsing.
    I am so sickened that so many innocent non-human lives will perish–all because of one arrogant, destructive species: Homo sapiens.

      • You are absolutely right, Jim! I’m reading Dave Foreman’s book “Manswarm” about how human overpopulation is destroying the planet. No one wants to talk about this, especially those “in power.” Soon, though, perhaps even sooner than some of us have thought, all of this is going to come crumbling down–the Earth’s systems are now in Hospice Mode.

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