8 thoughts on “Gov. Brown signs Oregon wolf-delisting bill

  1. This tragedy is not a surprise, given the terrible anti-wolf, & other wildlife, sentiment in many of these states. And now, with the current bullying, right -Wing political climate, things will most likely get even worse. I have been outraged that some people who purport to care about animals are becoming involved in right-wing hate mongering, which only supports the kind of mentality that also hates wildlife–except to hunt or trap them. It appears that bigotry, racism, species-ism is alive and well in this country–and growing.

  2. Let’s see what might be at work here: Probably the same old coalition of the anti-wolf interests. Hunters, trappers, gun manufacturers and organizations, “outdoorsmen” equipment manufacturers and retailers who can out-organize and out-spend who oppose hunting and endangered species legislation. In the meantime, members of the state legislature will get donations and the wildlife department will sell more hunting licenses. We don’t have the organization or the funding to compete, and the wolves can’t help themselves.

  3. It feels like a losing battle, doesn’t it? I called Gov Brown’s office to ask her not to sign the bill, and I called back yesterday to express my disgust. I won’t forget that she sold me (and everyone who cares about wildlfe) out to cattlemen and hunters. She has earned our contempt.

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