Oregon’s Shame – OR4 And His Family Aerial Gunned For The Sacred Cow….

Howling For Justice


April 3, 2016

Death rained down on OR4 and his family from the ODFW helicopter-death-ships last Thursday, March 31, 2016. I can’t imagine the terror he felt along with his mate, OR39, nicknamed Limpy, due to a damaging leg injury. It was like shooting ducks in a barrel, an old wolf and his crippled mate with their two terrified pups, trying to evade bullets coming from the sky. To me they represent every wolf who has ever been senselessly  killed for the sacred cow. Ranchers know wolves are a miniscule  threat to their bottom line, the main killer of cattle is non-predation, the main predator of cattle are coyotes and domestic dogs.  But facts don’t matter when it comes to wolves, they’re relentlessly demonized.

I can’t tell you the sadness I feel over this killing.  OR4 was a symbol of everything I thought was right about wolves returning to Oregon…

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10 thoughts on “Oregon’s Shame – OR4 And His Family Aerial Gunned For The Sacred Cow….

  1. I’ll just repeat a comment I left on Howling for Justice. It is a quote by Dr. Steven Best concerning our species, “I shudder in horror over the sad spectacle of human cretinism as I brood over the possible viable future for such a disturbed and demented species.”

    Too bad the most demented and destructive creature on earth also controls the planet.

  2. It doesn’t matter to USDA’s Wildlife agency that over a million people wrote personal letters to stop the killing of wolves or that wolves aren’t really the culprits that kill ranchers’ animals. Wildlife Services just does as their masters want — that is to channel and infuse their hate to one or two animals they say stand in the way of profit.

    • That kind violence was common as cattle ranchers took over the plains. Dan Brister in is book “In the Presence of Buffalo” documents some of the violence against both animals and people the ranchers believed were in their way. Two Wyoming cattle ranchers, John Kendrick and George Brewster organized a posse to attack a sheep herder and clubbed 3000 sheep to death. For their “good work” George Brewster was elected to the Montana House of Representatives in 1905 and Kendrick became president of the National Livestock Association, governor of Wyoming and, finally, a US senator.

      So the ranchers have always gotten away with the killing. Brister also catalogs the toll on other animals, including wolves, bears bison, and the various unfortunates we so arrogantly define as “pests.”

      • Yes, while there isn’t much to verify about wolves attacking humans (maybe two proven in 300 years?), there’s ample evidence of the violence of people killing other people and animals, and in this case an entitled rancher.

        Not much has changed with this mentality since the 1800s in the West; ranchers still feel entitled and above the laws meant for other people, and still feel they own the landscape with Sagebrush Rebellion arson, and most recently, the takeover at Malheur..

      • There’s nothing much in the oral histories of Native Americans about wolves being the danger that the Europeans thought they were when they brought the cray with them. (That’s why the wolf haters have to resort to tall tales from Russia.) I don’t think our nation has ever recovered!

        There’s a lot of vagueness about wolf/human encounters – they aren’t always clear whether it was a fatality, an attack, or just a subjective impression, like a wolf not giving a human the proper respect we think we are entitled to. *eyeroll* And when there is a verified attack, it is exaggerated. So I think there may have been only two, and the kid in Minnesota who wasn’t killed makes three.

  3. Hopefully after the next Presidential elections. At least the Interior Dept will have another housecleaning, and that means renewed hope. The thought of these crony capitalists and scumbags getting nervous does my heart good! 🙂 I’m not a Trump fan, but I do understand the frustrations of the people which has resulted in Trump’s popularity. I’m wavering between Bernie and Hillary daily.

  4. I also blame the Interior Dept. for the needless killing of these wolves, but also of Blaze the grizzly. YNP probably got the order from ‘on high’, and we know they are powerless do do anything. (so they keep telling us) After that fiasco with Blaze, I remember that Sally Jewell had something on her Twitter acct about being ‘our brother’s keeper’. When your brother is a candidate for a Darwin award, there’s not a whole lot you can do. 😦

    So a new regime will be welcome.

  5. We do not even really need the rancher artery clogging product. Ranching is terrible for human and environmental and wildlife health. Yet we allow this entitled group to ranch on public land and encroach on wildlife. Why?

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