Global Fisheries Are Collapsing — What Happens When There Are No Fish Left?

(Photo: Paul Symes)(Photo: Paul Symes)

“Commercial overexploitation of the world’s fish stocks is severe,” UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said back in 2012. “Many species have been hunted to fractions of their original populations. More than half of global fisheries are exhausted, and a further third are depleted.”

According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, 85 percent of global fish stocks are “overexploited, depleted, or recovering from depletion.”

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Yet despite these alarms having been sounded loud and clear, life in the oceans is continuing to deteriorate at an ominously rapid pace.

Total Collapse?

Fisheries for the most sought-after species of fish have already collapsed.

The populations of all large predator fish in the oceans have declined by 90 percent in the 50 years since modern industrial fishing became widespread around the world, according to a shocking paper by scientists with Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, published in Nature in 2003.

“We are losing species every day without ever knowing about them. Sometimes humans can be like a plague to the environment.”


8 thoughts on “Global Fisheries Are Collapsing — What Happens When There Are No Fish Left?

  1. Well, folks, here is another culprit responsible for the depletion of fish–whales! That’s right. According to the Japanese Whalers Association, those greedy mammals are gobbling up fish at such a rate that people will be starving. Of course, that is just another reason why the whales want “harvesting,” Never mind that most whales live on plankton and krill, and the bigger the whale, the less likely it will be eating fish. The small minke whales do eat other sea lives, but don’t worry, the minkes are being harvested too. The International Whaling Commission has no enforcement power, so they’re useless in stopping the killing. H. sapiens still rules the deeps.

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