Sarah Palin Says Bill Nye Isn’t a Real Scientist. He Is.


8 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Says Bill Nye Isn’t a Real Scientist. He Is.

  1. She is just one example of the unreality bubble of the republican party gone off the deep end. See The Republican Mind by Chris Mooney.

  2. The Republican Mind is an interesting book. After studying results of polls, psychological testing, and scans, Mooney determined that those who vote republican have different personality traits and cognitive function. Thus the current dialog that convinces democrats about climate change meets with resistance and denial among republicans and the approach needs to change. But since the facts cannot be altered, it’s hard to imagine how a difference in diction or rhetoric will make the science any more palatable to the unbelievers. The problem is not just that the scientific studies that point to changes in the earth and its atmosphere are descriptive of what is happening, they are prescriptive for needed change. And when that change is bound to affect corporate profits, cause job loss, and demand changes in lifestyle, the science will very likely be denied by those who want the world and their lives to remain the same.

    • Yes it is a whole different psyche. Anyone who has been watching the Republican and Democratic debates can see that the two parties and the unique constituencies they represent are animated by totally different agendas and informed by wholly different sets of facts. The only real way to tell who is right and who is wrong is to examine those facts objectively in which case it is easy to distinguish which political party and its followers live in a fantasy world. Which directly leads to the old joke about what does10,000 Republicans chained together at the bottom of the ocean represent? Answer: A start.

      But the Democrats, although living in the real world as opposed to the fantasy version, are only marginally better. After listening to all the Democratic debates and the endlessly repetitive questions about who voted for the Iraq war and who did not, who will break up the big banks sooner, who will reform health care better, or who is the more enthusiastic supporter of the LGBT community … I’m still waiting for one journalist or one member of the public at one of these town hall meetings to ask a single, solitary question about wildlife or wild lands preservation. Or about Senator Sanders support of the “Bipartisan Sportsman’s Act” or about the unprecedented expansion of hunting and trapping in national wildlife refuges that occurred during the Clinton years or about the highly-successful efforts now underway in Congress abetted by the shameful acquiescence of the Obama administration to undermine and emasculate the Endangered Species Act. Just one measly question pertaining to the welfare of wild animals, just one. The fact that NOBODY is even posing such questions to the candidates despite seemingly endless opportunities shows just how low a priority wildlife have with the public in general. Any wildlife advocate who contributes one penny to either of the major political parties needs their head examined. It make one wonder if there is really any point even of voting in a corporation-run idiocracy such as the United States.

      • You got it. The dems are only marginally better, especially nowadays. Why we need loaded guns in the National Parks and wildlife refuges really has me mystified; I hope to see this reversed someday. We can see what delisting the wolf has done, and now we want to do the same thing to the grizzly bears! Completely ignoring the Free-Roaming Wild Horses and Burros Act, the government basically breaking the law! The sage grouse are in limbo. The gall of trying to ‘improve’ upon the ESA!!!! Dan Ashe picking what animals can live or die, and ‘accompany us on the ark’ (a sinking ship if you ask me).

        It’s very dismaying, especially under a democratic administration.

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