The Fires of Climate Change are Burning the Himalayas


It’s the highest mountain range in the world. Featuring peaks that scrape the sky, dwindling glaciers, and lush forests, these gentle giants are essential to the prosperity and stability of one of Asia’s greatest lands. For rainwater and glacial melt flowing out of the Himalayas feeds the rivers that are the very life-blood of India and her 1.25 billion people.

A major fire in the forests at Ahirikot in Srinagar, Uttarakhand state, India, Monday, May 2, 2016. Massive wildfires that have killed at least seven people in recent weeks were burning through pine forests in the mountains of northern India on Monday, including parts of two tiger reserves.(Press Trust of India via AP) INDIA OUT, MANDATORY CREDIT, NO ARCHIVE A major wildfire burns through the forests of Ahirikot in Srinagar, India on Monday, May 2, 2016. Massive wildfires that killed at least seven people over recent days burned through pine forests in the Himalaya mountains of northern India on Monday. (Image source: Press Trust of India)

But in 2016, amidst what is likely to be the most intense period of extreme heat to ever impact India, the Himalayas are burning.

Extreme Heat, Drought Kills Hundreds, Displaces Farmers, Puts Towns on Life Support

Throughout April and into early May…

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6 thoughts on “The Fires of Climate Change are Burning the Himalayas

  1. I can barely look to read these things – all destruction due to humans (what we do so well, not accepting responsibility, call it something else, like ‘the climate is changing’ as if we had nothing to do with it) is a sacrilege, and the Himalayas especially so. Plus all the crap, trash and garbage Westerners leave behind – the colossal gall. What a mess.

    The proper terminology is “Anthropocentric Climate Change”. If it is too many words to write for a dumbed down readership used to quick skims of news articles, make up an acronym, which is what we also do well. ACC.

  2. This is the hell we have created and then deny our part in. Too bad every innocent animal, as well as the forests, on this earth will have to suffer for it.

    So let’s just bring on more babies and more trade deals and more consumption. God or technology will save us.

    • That’s what I was appalled to read recently, supposedly in an interview with a renowned biologist, which I am skeptical of, because I have read it nearly verbatim elsewhere, and not authored by him:

      “The population will continue to rise, leveling off at about 11 billion. Our technology will reduce our carbon footprint.”

      What technology? Leveling off implies to me that we will have reached a metaphorical brick wall, which is about the only thing that will stop our breeding – such as an inhospitable environment, lack of food and water, etc.

      • Exactly! People will keep having babies, driving hulking vehicles, eating meat, and filling their houses with stuff. Finally, counting on technological miracles is the only answer left. Big surprise coming!

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