Shift in the Wind May Push Gargantuan Fort McMurray Fire Toward Tar Sands Facilities on Saturday


The Fort McMurray Fire is now so vast that it has both burned through and completely surrounded the city, its airport, and the neighboring community of Anzac 31 miles to the south. Spinning out blazes in a long tail across the green forested land of Canada, the fire now appears to cover about 40 miles of distance and 10 miles of width at its longest and widest points. A secondary fire to the northeast of the main blaze also appears to have lit off. And by the end of Saturday officials now believe the fire could cover an area the size of Rhode Island.

Fort McMurray Fire May 6 v2 NASA

(Fort McMurray Fire as seen from above in the May 6 NASA/LANCE MODIS satellite shot. This huge fire now covers an approximate 10×40 mile swath of land, is throwing off numerous pyrocumulous clouds, and has spawned a secondary large fire to the northeast. In the upper…

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5 thoughts on “Shift in the Wind May Push Gargantuan Fort McMurray Fire Toward Tar Sands Facilities on Saturday

  1. Mother Earth is speaking. She has her ways. This Evil Tar Sands site, is one of many around the planet now, but this one in Canada may be the poster tar sands site for what is coming, as punishment for what we have done to this planet.

      • You know, I was reading an article in the LA Times today about how some people had to abandon their cars because they ran out of gas during the fire evacuation.

        What sad commentary for the planet – how bad can we be if we don’t even have enough foresight to keep enough gas in the tank? Talk about living for the moment. I don’t know, maybe it takes a full tank of gas, or they can’t afford it?

        I’d be happy to see this hellhole gone. Good riddance and better for the planet. One worker there was quoted as saying ‘what it does to the earth is disgusting’ but that it was ‘good money’. Unreal.

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