Fire in the Sky — More Than 330,000 Lightning Strikes Hit Europe in Just Eight Hours


“Whatever happened to normal weather? Earth has always experienced epic storms, debilitating drought, and biblical floods. But lately it seems the treadmill of disruptive weather has been set to fast-forward.”Paul Douglas.


A cold, unstable air mass aloft. A record atmospheric moisture load due to human-caused climate change. Add in 80 degree or warmer surface temperatures and these three ingredients can spark some seriously epic thunderstorms. Such was the case across Europe today as towering thunderheads exploded into the skies, raining more than 330,000 bolts of lightning down upon the continent.

Lightning Strikes Europe

(Extreme lightning strikes in excess of 330,000 impacts were recorded over the course of 8 hours on Friday. The strikes resulted in numerous extreme weather related casualty events across Europe. Image source: Simon Cardy.)

The blasts of nature’s fury hammered a wide region stretching from Portugal through France and the UK, into the Alps, Italy…

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2 thoughts on “Fire in the Sky — More Than 330,000 Lightning Strikes Hit Europe in Just Eight Hours

  1. Yes, and when the far Right is forced to admit climate change, it will be due to God’s will. There will be mass repentance (or mass blame, depending on the direction of God’s wrath).

  2. Racist, Sexist, spoiled Billionaire Trump denies human-caused climate change, but apparently hoards of unthinking people will follow this maniac no matter what. What is happening in Europe is also taking place here, with massive flooding, erratic storms, particularly in Kansas and Texas right now. Whatever wild animals & habitat remains, as climate disruptions continue, will be hunted and destroyed by Trump’s idiot NRA sons, and their one-dimensional thinking supporters.

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