North Idaho wolf pups killed at den; reward offered

Gray wolf pups. (Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife)Gray wolf pups. (Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife)

PREDATORS — Idaho Fish and Game is asking for the public’s help in determining who is responsible for removing and killing young wolves from a den in North Idaho.

The incident occurred in Kootenai County, about 15 miles from Coeur d’Alene, in the Sage Creek drainage, says Phil Cooper, department spokesman.   The incident likely occurred sometime during the week of May 16.

“Fish and Game manages wolves in Idaho as big game animals,” he said.  “There was no open season for wolves in the area when the juvenile wolves were killed.”

Fish and Game officers collected evidence at the scene and are following leads.

Information about the incident can be called in to the Citizens Against Poaching Hotline, (800) 632-5999.

“Callers may remain anonymous,” he said. “A reward is available for anyone providing information that leads to criminal prosecution of the case.”


6 thoughts on “North Idaho wolf pups killed at den; reward offered

  1. what the hell is going on but I can see it happens in Idaho , people take matters in their own hands. Lot of moon shine peoples like in the hills in the southeast. How could any body have the heart to kills pups ,you got to be a heartless person.

  2. The good old boys usually get by with their killing. Wolf haters in this country have a history of going after the little ones too. I notice that most of the comments here in Spokane (right next door to Idaho) do not like the hunting, and there are calls for much harsher penalties. That’s good but won’t bring the pups back:(

  3. You really can’t trust the ‘science’ coming out of Idaho F&G. According to a zoologist who posts regularly at TWN, biologists doctor up and tailor their science to correspond to the Idaho legislature’s preconceived results. They want every last wolf collared and accounted for, and they want the number of wolves to 150, and by any means. Whoever is responsible for this, if it is indeed even true, I feel that Idaho F&G is also complicit in it. If Carter Neimeier has reservations about Idaho F&G, I would trust his judgment.

  4. I have a file for ID called Bat Sh– Crazy. Since wolves were politically sneakily delisted in that state and Montana on a rider to a Defense Appropriation Bill (Senator Tester of MT and Rep. Simpson of ID April 2011), ID has killed over 2000 wolves by hunting, trapping, and culling, a lot on the argument of artificially increasing elk herd numbers. Wildlife Services, USDA kills animals by the millions, including thousands of wolves. It is a rogue agency of a war on wildlife. Wolves are not decimating elk anywhere. That is a hunter myth. The wolf reintroduced was the gray wolf and is native to the northwest and midwest. Wolves are part of a healthy wilderness ecology good for the whole of it. Farming elk by killing predators is not sound science or ecology. It probably violates the public trust, hunter ethics, the the Wilderness Act. National forests supervisor’s should not allow it. Wolves were reintroduced in ID and Yellowstone but had already started reintroducing themselves via Glacier. A wilderness area or national forest or public land should not be an area where hunters should be allowed to manipulate wilderness ecology for game herds. Elk numbers wax and wane mostly due to forage, weather, natural migration, over hunting. Hunters scapegoat wolves and perpetuate their mythology. If an area, such as Lolo is failing to support elk year after year then give it up and let nature decide on the population levels. Even though wolves of course prey on elk, they’re part of the wildlife ecological system and should have first choice. Hunting (aka recreational killing) should have second choice or last on the food chain. It is actually the hunters and trappers who are not good for wilderness ecology. Wolves generally do not need to be “managed” at all, and the population should not be driven down for “sportsmen”. Wolves will manage themselves relative to wolf pack elbow room and prey. Hunters and trappers do need management. Sport killing is additive, often damaging to the health of the targeted animals and the ecology as a whole. Man is no longer a subsistence hunter or trapper, now just a bloodsport killer and fur harvester and the wilderness ecology cannot sustain this, especially since since hunters are so prone to upsetting the balance of natural ecology and distorting it. Wildlife agencies should be fired and/or revamped to help the interest of wildlife, balanced wildlife ecology, wildlife habitat, wildlife corridors, the general public’s values and wishes, not farming targets for hunters and selling licences. Wildlife Services of USDA should be congressional reviewed, revamped or fired and not in liaisons with hunters and fishermen and state wildlife agencies.
    Wolf “management” should not be at the state level in ID, MT, WY and the midwest. These are wolf jihad states with ID the worst. Wolves should stay in protected status indefinitely.


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