Excerpt From John A. Livingston’s Rogue Primate

From John A. Livingston’s Rogue Primate in the chapter “The Exotic Ideology:”

“As the rogue primate overran the world in the late Pleistocene and early10418292_778659628825562_4081410081902108848_n recent times, not all of the accompanying baggage was hardware. There were tools and weapons, to be sure, both of which improved to such an extent over time that the Pleistocene mega fauna before them. Destructive as the new hardware was, however, the new software—the accompanying knowledge of how-to-do-it –was downright devastating. Storable, retrievable, transmissible technique made the conquest possible, on any ‘natural’ timescale, virtually overnight. Technology, as an aspect of culturing, changed much more rapidly than the methods of avoidance used by prey species. It was no contest.

“After the peak extermination between 30,000 years ago and the most recent withdrawal of the ice, and after world human colonization was roughly complete about 1,000 years ago, the non-human world entered a period of relative calm. Humans having established their beach-heads (initially at considerable cost to the most vulnerable indigenous forms), there impact may have lessened—temporarily.  After the initial painful adjustments to the human presence, at least some elements of Nature, especially in extreme latitudes, appear to have been able to cope, for a while. This post-Pleistocene Camelot lasted about 500 years.

“By this time, the radiation of human populations into a variety of environments meant that cultural prostheses were now evolving independently of one another. Like Darwin’s Galapagos finches on the scattered and isolated islands of their archipelago, human societies had developed distinct differences. Cultural separateness, like reproductive isolation, produced new concepts. Descended as they were from a common ancestor, the various human populations (‘ecotypes’) retained their biological inheritance, including their domesticated dependence on how-to-do-it, but the particular content of their ideologies (including how to apprehend the nature of reality) became profoundly different from society to society.” …


4 thoughts on “Excerpt From John A. Livingston’s Rogue Primate

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  2. Jim I bought this book based on your recommendation last year, and am reading it for the 2nd time. I have 3 of Livingston’s books : Rogue Primate The Fallacy Of Wildlife Conservation and One Cosmic Instant ,and have thoroughly enjoyed all 3; though I’m not sure enjoyed is the right word. He is “spot on” in his analyses of human animals and what we have/are doing to the non human animals and other species on this planet.

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