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  1. Really disgusting when captive animals can’t be safe because people propel themselves into the animals’ supposedly safe spaces, and uncontrolled kids force fingers through fencing. Of course, the animals, although innocent, will be the victims.

    How about this: When a zoo has state of the art enclosures, anyone who inserts all or part of himself/herself in, the animals get to decide that person’s fate with no adverse consequences for the animal. If someone is drunk enough or crazy enough to go in, their condition will have an immediate cure if the animal is in a bad mood.

    James Michael Lafferty recently wrote an article on Harambe noting there are times when the only option is perfection.

    Maintaining zoo barriers and paying attention when visiting are two instances when perfection is required. Harambe was gunned down for the failures of the zoo and the mother.

    While I’m at it, does anyone else get tired of Jack Hanna’s showing up after Harambe’s death and the killing of the animals at Zanesville, etc.? He always explains that any confrontation between an animal and a human requires the killing of the animal to avoid potential harm. I have a theory that as someone who makes a living working with wild animals he wants to assure everyone that he is no “animal lover” who cares less about people. That accusation recurs in comments about those who are outraged over Harambe, Cecil, and Marius. It seems only human beings deserve any kind of protection or justice.

    I have great respect for Jane Goodall, but I wish she would have stopped with expressing sadness over Harambe’s fate. But she later went further and announced the shooting was necessary. That just plays into the drum beat of people first no matter the provocation or irresponsibility on their part.

      • I love that! I’m a fan of bison anyway.

        It shows how brave people are when they don’t have guns and face a veritable herd of 2000-pound animals who aren’t stuck in cages.

    • Ha! I thought the little calves looked nervous and are sticking close to their mothers. The mom bison probably warned them: ‘Stay close to me and watch out that you aren’t grabbed by one of them, and forced into one of their cars!’

      • That was sad when people put the little one in their car because they thought he was cold, and the park service euthanized him because the herd wouldn’t accept him back. Makes you wonder if there was something wrong in the first place. Most people wouldn’t dare go near to a baby bison who was close to the mom, at least not do it and live to tell the tale.

  2. “The parents ‘chose’ to kill him’.

    Well, isn’t that lovely to be able to decide some poor creatures fate, regardless of your own contributory negligence. Sounds a lot like the time of Henry VIII. Anyone who trespasses where they shouldn’t have gone ought to have been fined at least.

    • That suggests that zoos are mostly businesses, and they can’t risk offending the customers. So much for the prisoners they’re supposed to be caring for.

      As for conservation, poor Marius revealed there are victims to saving the species. First we take their habitat and poach them to the brink of extinction. After we create an endangered species, we play Russian roulette with the gene pool and the lives we’re supposed to be saving. The bullet was in the chamber when Marius turn came along.

      H.sapiens at work.

  3. I know, what a precarious situation – if a kid falls by accident into your prison, you get taken out by a sniper. If you are considered ‘excess’ through no fault of your own, you get killed and butchered in front of the next generation of zoogoers so they are conditioned to treating you like nothing, and then fed to the predators. Zoos have to go. The questionable benefits they provide are not worth the indignities and cruelties. More effort and money ought to be put into maintaining habitat and stopping poaching (I vote for drone strikes) and children ought to be encouraged to appreciate the wildlife in their own habitats.

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