A Season of Record Melt — Sea Ice Extent In Uncharted Territory For 94 Days


From March 25th through June 26th, sea ice extent measures, as provided by Japan’s Arctic data system were in record low ranges. In other words, for about a quarter of a year, and according to this monitor, the Arctic Ocean and its surrounding estuaries have witnessed the lowest ice coverage ever measured for any similar period since record keeping began in the 1979.

Sea Ice Extent JAXA

(An amazingly long period of record low sea ice extents in JAXA’s sea ice monitor.)

This new period of extreme sea ice record lows comes during a time of continuous decadal sea ice losses. Average sea ice coverage for each successive ten year period since the 1980s during the March through June period has fallen by about 400,000 to 500,000 square kilometers. For 2016, the new record lows widened this gap to more than 2 million square kilometers — or a surface area of sea ice…

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One thought on “A Season of Record Melt — Sea Ice Extent In Uncharted Territory For 94 Days

  1. These reports are alarming, and now with the fires in Siberia…forests are decreasing in size, everywhere. Another forest fire in the Manzano Mtns. near Albuq., the bigger one, just recently was started by the U.S. Forest Service’s “Forest Thinning Program”–over 18,000 acres. Where will the wildlife live, as their homes burn down?

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