Trump Jr. wants his dad to put him in charge of federal parks and lands

Donald Trump is butting heads with the GOP establishment over the issue of federal lands. Republican orthodoxy calls for handing them over to the states. But when asked about the issue in January, Trump said, “I don’t like the idea because I want to keep the lands great, and you don’t know what the state is going to do.”

Turns out there’s one very specific reason Trump wants to keep the lands great: because his sons like to kill animals on them — his eldest son in particular.

Donald Trump Jr., a hunter of big game as well as smaller defenseless animals, recently shared his own views on public lands with The New Yorker. “I’m in the fortunate position to be able to buy some land on my own, but not everyone has that ability,” Jr. said. “As it stands, if the states get the lands back, they could remain public or they could be sold off. So, say you have a ten-thousand-acre area. Well, a state could turn that into fifty golf courses that would be private and exclusive.”

While this may not bring in votes from the golf club contingent, Jr. has been actively hunting the sportsman vote, as E&E Daily reports. He invited reporters along on a pheasant hunting trip in January, and has given exclusive interviews to Field & Stream, Bowhunter Magazine, and Deer & Deer Hunting. His father was the only presidential candidate to speak at the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s annual trade show in Las Vegas.

Big ambition runs in the family: Trump Jr. told the magazine Petersen’s Hunting that he would like to be secretary of the interior in his father’s administration. He is, to be sure, completely unqualified, but that’s never stopped a Trump before. “Between my brother and myself, no one understands the issues better than us,” Jr. told Petersen’s. “No one in politics lives the lifestyle more than us.” No one.

Big egos, it seems, run in the family as well.



7 thoughts on “Trump Jr. wants his dad to put him in charge of federal parks and lands

  1. That’s all we need–the Trumpettes, big trophy hunters, in charge of public lands and wilderness areas. That should bring in the votes from gun/hunt groups. I wonder how much Dr. Palmer has donated.

  2. Really scary scary *chit*..
    Soulless serial killers in charge of precious animals in our wilderness areas…

    Deliver us from this nightmare ☻

  3. What I have found so disgusting are the people who claim to be “animal rights” who have excused & defended this despicable Trump creature (and his over-populated -spawn family). Of course, his spoiled-rotten ignorant sons want a place at Trump’s throne, and it is highly likely this Dynasty may get it.

    Stupid Americans (some misogyny here?) would rather criticize the “woman” running, who, for all her faults, does not compare to the destruction and greed of Trump’s misdeeds, crooked “deals & schemes” over the decades, while bilking working people out of millions of dollars. Not to mention his connections to white supremacist, David Duke (

    But, the USA, USA, crowds can only hear His Voice: preaching Law and Order, Safety and Nationalism, free from those hoards of People of Color, with promises of “jobs & prosperity.”

    Historians are now comparing this “Back to the 50’s” dream state of Trump’s, as akin to what the German population bowed down to in the 1930’s. They got what they wished for, and it destroyed millions of lives, including non-human ones, just as Trump’s Dynasty will do, if elected.

    Forget any discussion of Climate Change, women’s basic rights to safe medical abortions or birth control, tolerance for diversity or any respect or love of the remaining Wild Places. They will be paved, built on, hunted and trapped on by all for Sport and $$$$.

    Many thinking people are already planning to move to Mexico–much more civilized, and Animal Liberation efforts are much more common there, than in this country.

    Thanks, Jim and Ida for the Palmer news!!

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