Cool Cat: The Nine Lives of Christopher Walken, Movie Star and Feline Fan



(Lori Fusaro/Best Friends Animal Society)

Christopher Walken likes to watch.

If that gives you the willies, you’re probably thinking of the Oscar-winning actor’s more unsettling roles—he’s played sadists, murderers, madmen, mobsters, mercenaries, psychopaths, evil masterminds and extremely messed-up Vietnam vets in the course of a career that began in the early 1950s.

“I have played a lot of villains,” he admits.

But what Walken likes to watch is just outside the windows of his home in rural Connecticut, on the cusp of a nature preserve, where he’s lived with his wife, Georgianne, a Hollywood casting director, for nearly 40 years.

“There were four deer in the driveway this morning,” he says. “There were turkeys here yesterday. My wife saw a snake in the driveway the other day. Hummingbirds come every day almost to the minute. They come right up the window and stare at me. It’s almost as though they know I’m there.

“I was born in the city and grew up in Manhattan. But when I got the chance, I moved out to a nice, quiet, green place.”

Now, that doesn’t sound so chilling and creepy, does it?

His Nine Lives

“My background is really in musical theater,” Walken says. “I did a lot of musicals when I was young. I got a job in a play, and then I got a movie, kind of accidentally, and my first parts where I got noticed were things like The Deer Hunter and Annie Hall, where I played troubled people, suicidal sometimes. I think I kind of got something going on there.”



One thought on “Cool Cat: The Nine Lives of Christopher Walken, Movie Star and Feline Fan

  1. Awwww. And you haven’t lived until you’ve seen rabbits in the yard eating a dandelion greens salad. Sweet. 🙂

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