Calling all animal lovers: Trump’s sons are proud murderers of endangered species.

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Horrible people doing horrible things,

More Daily Beast:

The Trump boys were hunting in Zimbabwe—the same country where Cecil was killed—and though Zimbabwean animal conservation groups looked into the incident, the hunt was deemed perfectly legal. Once the photos went viral online, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted (and then deleted


5 thoughts on “Calling all animal lovers: Trump’s sons are proud murderers of endangered species.

  1. The Trump boys are well educated, successful, and wealthy. Unfortunately, they are equally successful at taking the lives of magnificent animals, and they apparently have no intention of stopping. Unless they do something as egregious as Dr. Palmer’s illegal murder of Cecil, their “hobby” won’t get much bad publicity. Their father’s bad behavior hasn’t hurt him much either. Wealth does wonders.

    • Donald Trump, spawned these ignorant, un-educated, unsuccessful, poverty-stricken, in mentality and spirit, sons. Their father has been the major influence in grooming these psychopaths. Trump himself bragged about having the “finest education.” Really? Does going to a rich man’s Business School an education–or is it just business training, to learn how to bilk thousands of working people out of their money over decades? These “Trump Boys” are not educated. They are well-trained, one-dimensional – in- thought billionaire bullies–just like their evil father.

  2. You have all the money in the world and this is what you do??
    Disturbing in so many ways.
    Instead of killing they could of used that money to feed many!

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