Rachel Carson Quote


4 thoughts on “Rachel Carson Quote

  1. She is right! The problem is not only changing hearts and minds but changing virtually every culture in the world whose religions, laws, and economies are based upon animal abuse and exploitation. I’m not saying we should ever give up but we can’t expect a lot in our lifetimes.

    • True. I used this quote in my book. I agree about the entire cultures and religions being based on animal exploitation, but let’s hope most people’s hearts don’t delight in animal abuse like the target group (hunters) she was referring to.

  2. We’re a violent species. After learning about Nazi Germany as a child, I realized that is what humans are capable of. I can’t think hopefully about human nature after that, ever. We’re warmongers and always will be – and poor wildlife cannot defend itself from us.

    • ^^and the Native Americans, mass shootings on an almost weekly basis now, and it doesn’t seem to matter as because it is ‘more important’ to have the right to bear 300 million + guns in this country. And it goes on and on. What on earth are we opening up wildlife ‘refuges’ to guns, as well as National Parks? Regression.

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