I’m About Sick of Control Freaks

Exposing the Big Game

What the hell’s going on with state lawmakers and wildlife agencies lately? With just a cursory glance at the headlines this morning I counted at least a half dozen cases of puffed-up politicians overstepping their bounds by offering up some non-human species to appease the bloodlust of a few of their freakiest constituents.
Headlines like “State lawmaker wants open season on woodchucks,” about Wisconsin state representative, Andre Jacque (R-De Pere), who is pedaling a bill that would remove woodchucks from Wisconsin’s protected species list and allow people to kill an unlimited number of them during a season that would run nearly year-round. Jacque said woodchucks are abundant and a “nuisance.”

Though newspaper journalists are, as a rule, impartial, the article’s reporter couldn’t help but see the disturbing trend going on across the dairy state:

Deer, bears, wolves, mourning doves, even wild pigs – if it walks, crawls or…

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5 thoughts on “I’m About Sick of Control Freaks

  1. Good point “damovand.” I agree, that things will only get terribly worse for the animals. What many people don’t understand is that all the other social upheaval now taking place with such maniacs as Trump, humans will take more of their anger and frustration out on the innocents which cannot fight back. Of course, there are also some Dems who also are pushing for more animal exploitation, such as Senator Jon Tester (D) of Wyoming, and Senator Martin Heinrich of NM who continue to push for open all public lands to hunting.Tester was behind the de-listing of the Grey Wolf. Both of these big hunters are also in league with the livestock grazing special interests, who are against all so-called predators. These livestock interests (like Clivan Bundy) are involved with the powerful Western Congressional Caucus, that is working to undo wildlife protections, including any wolf re-introductions.


  2. It is such total BS and it is getting worse. I feel totally helpless about what to do about it all. I sign petitions ad nauseum. There has to be other ways to stop the endless slaughter of wildlife. Maybe if non-hunters bought yearly licenses like hunters do (or are supposed to), we’d have more say about species protection with Fish and Wildlife. That would stop the financial tyranny of the hunting license and I daresay there are more photographers and non hunters who care about wildlife than there are actual hunters.

    • They love to complain, but as soon as you call their bluff, they close ranks. I remember the wolf stamp, and hunters cried bitterly over it, and now it is ‘on hold’. Or, they’ll say – how would you like wolves in your backyard? Well, here in New England we would love the ‘excess’ wolves that they say they do not want. Send ’em on ovah, especially in light of the latest study from UCLA!

      What’s that? Crickets?

      • http://foranimals.org/multimedia/

        If anyone wants to watch last night’s Lawrence O’Donnell (MSNBC) show, it is well worth it. A discussion ensued regarding the latest cruel antics of Trump, and his narcissistic personality disorder. At the end of the program, O’Donnell included his opinion of the offspring of Trump—and included comments about their cruelty, showing 2 photos of Donald Jr. and Eric Trump’s slaughter of African wildlife. He called them “animal killers.”
        This program is seen by millions.
        We have posted this link shown above on our website, so people can watch the full program.

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