Ted Nugent tells NRA crowd: Donald Trump is ‘the [expletive] kicker’


If someone has their heart set on casting their vote for Donald Trump, I wouldn’t necessarily want to tell them where they should go or what they should do; but when Ted Nugent recommends something, I tend to do the opposite–if only out of spite.


from the Washington Post:

LOUISVILLE, Ky. | Hard rock legend Ted Nugent on Sunday delivered a profanity-laced speech urging gun-rights supporters to get behind Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, telling the National Rifle Association’s annual convention that they must stop the Democrats this year.

Donald Trump is the [expletive] kicker,” the rock guitarist/gun rights advocate said in a speech billed as “Ted Nugent: 2016 Election Do or Die for America and Freedom.”

He took particular aim at Bernard Sanders, the self-described socialist who is challenging Hillary Clinton for the Democrats’ presidential nomination, saying the Vermont senator is “preaching communism.” Mr. Nugent said 58,000 American warriors died fighting communism — presumably referring to the death toll in Vietnam.

“Hey Bernie: eat [expletive] and die,” said Mr. Nugent, who is known as the “Motor City Madman.” “[Put] that on MSNBC!”

Mr. Nugent went on to say it’s time for people to coalesce around Mr. Trump, who chased the remaining opponents from the GOP presidential race earlier this month.

“Don’t give me this ‘He’s not your favorite guy’ crap,” he said.

“You don’t deny your dying child life-saving medicine because you don’t like the captain and his boat,” he said. “You get on the damn boat and you get the medicine to the child, and then you fix the captain.”

“Do you know what I’m saying?” he said. “So we need to elect him and then stay on him.”

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4 thoughts on “Ted Nugent tells NRA crowd: Donald Trump is ‘the [expletive] kicker’

  1. Ted Nugent? He has no credibility and is a top contender for the most repulsive person on the planet. I don’t care what he thinks or advocates. I wish him prolonged and agonized suffering equivalent to that he has foisted on other beings.

  2. I don’t need that reprehensible piece of refuse and moral cretin to tell me how to vote. I have no use for Trump or Clinton. I’m going to vote for Clifton Roberts, just on the basis of conscience.

  3. Well, since Bernie has become ♫ ‘The Man That Got Away’♪ (*cries*), I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I was a Hillary supporter all along, but with her VP a Sportsman’s Act supporter, I’m concerned. I haven’t been opposed to it only to have to contribute to it by voting!!!! Some people will say that we must compromise for the greater good, but it is never the greater good for wildlife and wildlands. I’m very concerned.

  4. This election has me thinking of a line from that Alice Cooper song, ‘Elected’:

    “And if I am elected
    I promise the formation of a new party
    A third party, the Wild Party!”


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