Urge USDA to strengthen regulations to end horse soring

see: HSUS.org


Photo by Lance Murphey/AP Images for The HSUS

Tennessee Walking Horses are known for their high-stepping “Big Lick” gait, which comes at a painful price. Abusive trainers “sore” their horses to achieve a competitive edge in the show ring, deliberately inflicting pain using caustic chemicals and devices to injure the animals’ front legs and hooves to force them to perform this artificially high-stepping gait.

The Horse Protection Act (HPA) of 1970 was passed to end this abuse, but weak regulations have undermined the law’s effectiveness. The HSUS’ 2015 undercover investigation at a top walking horse training barn (ThorSport Farm) and the USDA’s 2015 inspection results — in which 87.5 percent of horses randomly selected from entrants in the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration tested positive for prohibited substances — prove soring is still rampant.

Fortunately, following an HSUS rule-making petition and appeals from more than 175 Members of Congress, the USDA has proposed tightening its regulations to crack down on this epidemic of abuse.

see: HSUS.org


3 thoughts on “Urge USDA to strengthen regulations to end horse soring

  1. Don’t get me started! I sent dozens and dozens of letters to Congress to pass a law against this abuse. Having finished a typing class in high school and just learning more about the kinds of animal cruelty occurring, this was my start as an activist.

    The Horse Protection Act was passed in 1970!! Now here we are in 2016 still trying to stop this terrible abuse to walking horses. This is a good example of how useless laws are when they are full of loopholes or there is no will for enforcement.

    It is also a good example of how animals will continue to suffer when some people profit from the abuse and too many don’t care enough to stop it.

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