More Washington wolves “removed” for livestock

From a friend and fellow wolf-advocate:
Here we go again….CONSERVATION NORTHWEST, the group that sold out the Wedge Pack is backing another pack slaughter. Time for them to work on removing livestock from our public lands instead of protecting the “welfare ranchers”
Based on GPS tracking collar data and observations from agency experts on the ground, a total of one adult cow and three calves have been confirmed as killed by Profanity Pack wolves.
copyrighted wolf in water

8 thoughts on “More Washington wolves “removed” for livestock

  1. ConservationNW is pond scum–they get lots of donations/grants from WDFW. The Wolf Plan was changed with NO public hearings. The Wolf Management Plan has always been formulated with lots of public hearings across the state. I doubt this Plan is legal OR enforceable.

  2. It’s becoming more apparent every day that ranching is an unnatural activity, in direct opposition to nature. As our mindless numbers continue to grow, it will affect our lands and water supplies even more adversely. It is also apparent that the government agencies cannot be trusted to take care of the public lands in the best interests of the American people, but are controlled by governmental hierarchy that favors special interests. They can’t even do it well – recent decisions by the courts pointing out blatant disregard by the BLM, Forest Service, and F&W in matters pertaining to our public lands and wildlife are shocking.

  3. We need to stop eating less meat as a society. It is bad for the environment in general. Get the cattle off public lands and allow the native predators, the wolves, to have their rightful place on earth. However, America supports the wealthy and wolves are just expendable!

  4. The continuing war on wolves makes me think of something George Carlin once said:

    “Ranchers raise pathetic, worthless cattle and sheep, animals who cannot live off the land without human supervision, and the same ranchers kill wolves, magnificent, individualistic animals fully capable of caring for themselves without assistance. Individualism gives way to sheep behavior. Sound familiar?”

    “I root for the wolf to someday grab a rancher’s kid. Yes I do. And you know something? The wolf would probably take the kid home and raise him, in the manner of Romulus and Remus; and probably do a better job than the rancher. Remember, wolves mate for life, and they care for their sick and infirm; they don’t run them off, or kill them or abandon them. Give me a wolf over some fuckin’ jerkoff rancher any day of the week.” (From Brain Droppings, p. 240).

    Here I need disclaimer: I like cows and sheep. If they are “pathetic” in Carlin’s words, it is because human beings domesticated them and made them that way. That means that the ranchers owe them protection from the wolves by not keeping them in or near wolf territory. The ranchers are doubly to blame: First for not caring for their domestic animals and then killing wild animals who harm them.

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