Hillary Clinton to Animal Rights Protesters: Trumps ‘Have Killed a Lot of Animals’



Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had a quick response on Thursday when an animal rights demonstration broke out during a campaign rally in Las Vegas.

Footage posted by ABC News shows the former secretary of state speaking to Secret Service agents as the protesters began chanting, before saying, “These people must be here to protest [Donald] Trump — he and his kids have killed a lot of animals.”

According to Talking Points Memo, the demonstrators were part of an organization called Direct Action Everywhere.

TPM also reported that Trump’s sons, Eric and Donald Jr., are currently out of the US on a hunting trip. Eric Trump, in particular, was mocked by Full Frontal host Samantha Bee a day earlier in a series of tweets.




9 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton to Animal Rights Protesters: Trumps ‘Have Killed a Lot of Animals’

  1. She really didn’t shut them down. She came away as not knowing anything about these issues. Her VP is or was a Sportsmen’s Act co-sponsor; so if she is a Sportsmen’s Act supporter or is willing to deal it away for votes, she is helping Trump and his sons continue to get their trophies, as well as other, less well-known 1% trophy hunters. It also looked like treating animal rights activists as if they were members of ISIS. Too heavy a response from the Secret Service. Instead of a deflection to Trump, a more considered answer either way would have been better. Too much of a response from the SS. Disappointing. Whatever stance she takes on animal welfare or rights is too vague. At best cursory and at worst unimportant. I can just imagine her advisors telling her this is not an issue that the American public cares about, or even is that knowledgeable about. Throw them under the bus along with the Bernie supporters, and court the hunters.

  2. At least Hilary had the gumption to speak up about the Trump offspring & their killing. Bernie, whom we voted for in the primary, is a staunch supporter of hunting, even going so far as to post a hunter in full regalia on his site. Of course, Hilary is not perfect. At least Hilary has spoken out in public against the terrible NRA, which most politicians are too cowardly to do.
    Makes one wonder if the continual assaults on her, particularly about the e-mails, are misogynist in nature. There are many around who just are plain against a female for president. No one is going to be perfect. No president has been, but at least this woman has said some things that have never been mentioned by the past male presidents, especially related to animals. Bernie has maintained a stance regarding a more “progressive” Dem platform. No, it is not perfect, and not enough for many of us, but it has forced Hilary to speak on this platform’s issues. This will have to be pushed further by the people. Facebook is Not Activism.
    Compared to the decades of fraud, mafia connections, sexism, racism and just plain mistreating his workers, bilking them out of their hard-earned pay, Trump and his sicko “family” are far worse, and far more dangerous.

  3. Hillary Clinton (D)
    While in the Senate in 2008, Clinton scored 83 on the HSLF scorecard. While serving as Secretary of State and First Lady, Clinton did not receive a score from the HSLF. Senator Clinton’s score was determined by the fact that she voted in favor of animals on four out of five animal rights issues that passed through the Senate in 2007. Additionally, she co-sponsored the following bills:

    Senate Bill 311, a ban on the transport, possession, purchase, and sale of horses to be slaughtered for human consumption. This resolution passed and was made into law in April 2007.
    Senate Bill 394 which required the humane euthanasia of livestock too sick or injured to walk, as well as strengthened penalties for violations of the Humane Slaughter law. This eventually passed and was made into law in March 2009.
    Senate Bill 261 which would establish felony-level penalties for violations of the federal law on dog fighting, cockfighting, and other animal fighting. This bill passed and was signed into law in March 2007. This is from:http://scratchingpost.treehouseanimals.org/presidential-candidates-and-animal-welfare/

  4. Trump’s campaign at this point seems to be based on Twitter feeds and similar online re-posting of reprints of stories. Instead of depending on Raw Story’s posting of Talking Points Memo’s posting of the ABC News story, I find it far more informative to go directly to the original ABC News story, yesterday’s (Aug. 4) World News Tonight. As an introduction to their coverage for that evening, ABC shows one of Trump’s sons’ notorious wildlife killing photos. The coverage itself shows security guards, presumably Secret Service, come to the stage where Hillary is speaking as protestors appear. As far as I can tell, this is standard procedure. There is no indication that the Secret Service, Hillary, or anyone else is trying to suppress the protest. On the contrary, Hillary thanks the protestors for bring up the issue of animals at her rally, pointing out the Trump family history of killing wildlife.
    Hillary is no stranger to animal issues. In addition to the legislation Rosemary mentioned above, the Clinton Foundation has worked to protect African wildlife. I doubt that any of her political advisers are aware of the Sportsmen’s Act, but they are probably advising her to keep reminding voters about Trump’s killer sons.

  5. I know all of what you have posted, about Hillary’s record on ‘animals,’ that umbrella term which I don’t think anybody really gets. It’s great that she has done these things, but here in our own country I have concerns – namely, what I am concerned about is that she seems to be becoming more compromising on these issues (as most everyone seems to be) as in the Obama administration, by selecting a more conservative VP who is a co-author of the Sportsmen’s Act, an advocate of offshore drilling, and not as supportive of women’s reproductive rights. I know that Bernie was also a supporter of hunting (I don’t know why everybody seems to want to bargain on this issue), but what I had hoped for is that Hillary would have picked him as her running mate. Kaine seems to be a bid to the more conservative voter, and while I realize this is a strategy, I hope it doesn’t backfire and send Bernie’s supporters elsewhere, so that we still end up with Trump.

    While the protest photo op might be standard procedure, the way the media covered it was too much. I really haven’t seen ‘standard procedure’ covered in quite that way. I haven’t followed the Trump protesters as closely. But it’s all ‘standard procedure’ to get votes – the media exaggerated this encounter with protesters little to make Hillary look good, and to get a jab in at Trump. I expect more from someone if I am expected to vote for them. I didn’t appreciate being made to constantly look like a fringe terrorist, which is how animal activists are always made to look, where ever they fall on the scale. I also don’t appreciate any criticism of either Obama or Hillary to be racism or misogyny. Those qualities by themselves do not convey any special qualities to make a good President. It’s where they stand on the issues. FYI, I was a Hillary supporter all along – but with the appointment of her VP, now I have misgivings, which is my right at a voter. Plus, with all of the Wikileaks info, it is worrying. We’ll see what bomb Julian Assange drops today.

  6. or I should say ‘Race and gender by themselves do not convey any special qualifications to make a good President. It’s where they stand on the issues.’ So Hillary has voted for a few things in favor of wildlife.

    That’s where I first saw the story – on the ABC Evening News. I haven’t read or seen anything else, because that was all I needed to hear and see. Not particulary impressed by Hillary’s voting record, Bernie gets a better score. She’s not bad out of the bunch, but as we know, that isn’t really saying much. I hold out hope that if she does win, she will appoint Raul Grijalva as Interior Secretary, but in these conciliatory days, I doubt she will.

  7. Trump’s brat is an active killer, Hillary is a passive killer. They are both despicable with one difference, Hillary lies about her role. I have a few choice words to describe her, but I will refrain here. Trump’s brat and others like him have politicians like ms Hillary in their pockets.

  8. We know that the Trump sons’ trophy hunting is despicable. But what has Hillary done for animals? What would she be willing to do? It’s hard for me to believe she would take the chance on alienating any voters, such as hunters. Animals don’t have checking accounts. They cannot donate to her.

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