Personal Choice?


3 thoughts on “Personal Choice?

  1. Ranching harms animals we eat, the environment, encroaches on the wild and is not good for us, and is not sustainable.

  2. There are animal anti cruelty laws, but hard to enforce. I still can’t understand how big ag gets away with farm animal cruelty and only incrementally are banned from killing downer animals. Just recently, baby calves, who aren’t able to walk to their death, cannot be slaughtered. This shouldn’t be allowed at all. Just last night, ABC had a segment on the ill effects of meat eating and human health. Today, all they broadcasted are meatballs and more meatballs. No wonder people are getting confused.

  3. Today, of all channels, Fox News, broadcasted that reducing just 3% of animal proteins can extend people’s lives by many years. Now if they exercised and didn’t smoke or drink themselves silly, they’d get 35 years more. That means just leave off the bacon. Aside from that, chills run through me whenever a truck either carrying animals or empty of animals passes my car on the highway. Thankfully, this is not news to me, and Americans are eating less animal protein already. Exporting our farm animals to other countries has to stop.

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