Have Denialists Reached Their Carrying Capacity?

Homo sapiens has never been a light-touch or low-impact type of creature. Once you realize that, it’s easier to believe they’re overpopulated and have been actually changing the planet’s climate.

Exposing the Big Game

by Jim Robertson

Denial seems to be the fallback position for those who don’t understand a particular science and/or have a political motive not to believe said science. Lately we’ve been hearing much about the denial of anthropogenic climate change, but willful ignorance can be employed for everything from evolution to overpopulation.

Generally speaking, denialists want to hold humans harmless of something they’re clearly responsible for, whether it’s having a carbon footprint—or a literal footprint. But no one is innocent of the ultimate crime of being born a human. (An aberration. An abnormality. An irregularity. A meat-eating monkey.)

Some still cling to the denial that tobacco (or meat) can cause cancer. Others just don’t care. Many would probably balk at the analogy that humans are a cancer to the Earth.

Historically, it was deniers of the obvious–gravity, astronomy and evolution (literal flat-Earthers)—who we heard the most from. Today’s deniers still…

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1 thought on “Have Denialists Reached Their Carrying Capacity?

  1. Overpopulation has become one of our most taboo and politically incorrect words.

    The idea of ending overpopulation causes howls of outrage. It offends the religions who forbid birth control. It insults our self-esteem and diminishes our belief in human supremacy. It curtails our supposedly unrestricted freedom of choice (we’re free to promote unlimited breeding but will be condemned for calling a halt to it).

    Of course all of this is completely anthropocentric and egocentric. As if there could not possibly be enough members of H. sapiens, no matter the wars we wage, the stupidities we pile up, the environmental destruction we produce, and the animal bodies we leave in our wake.

    At least if we keep up the denial and finally overpopulate ourselves into extinction, it would do the planet a favor. Unfortunately, it will be too late for so many others

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