Man, I Wish You Were Never Born

I don’t find much solace in the prediction by statisticians that the skyrocketing human population “will start to level off when it reaches 10 billion.”

Exposing the Big Game

Some folks wonder why I sound like such a misanthropist when I talk about the human species. Although to me the answer appears obvious, I suppose I should explain myself to those who might think of human beings as “superior,” “God’s chosen ones” or in some other way entitled to do as they will to the planet and its non-human inhabitants.

I don’t hold all people to blame equally. I certainly don’t blame you, dedicated reader. You can’t help being born human any more than a wolf, sea lion, salmon or slug has any say over who or what they were born. But there are those who seem to go out of their way to fuel my misanthropy. You see, humans don’t just kill other animals to fill their bellies; they destroy them in droves out of spite, to eliminate the competition…or just for fun.

When I hear hate-speech against…

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1 thought on “Man, I Wish You Were Never Born

  1. Oh, Jim, the tears come readily, with the heartache of reality. Thank you for re-posting this. The only solace I find now, is that whatever time is left, we must do whatever is needed to save those we can. I do not know what this will mean as things worsen, but I do know I have pledged myself to being as brave as is needed when those times arise. Years ago, I saw my first steel trap. It was locked onto the foot of a magnificent Coyote, probably going down to the Rio Grande for water, after crossing I-25. He was in terrible pain. I was crazy at that moment, but felt a deep welling inside that I had to do whatever I could for him. His leg was caught on the barb wire fence, and he was trying to cut it off. I began to talk with him, softly, telling him “we will help you, do not fear us.” The Coyote relaxed as I talked to him, we communicated eye to eye, and that was when he gave a big sigh, and his whole body relaxed. My friend and I worked on the horrible trap with a folding shovel, which finally loosened the trap’s grip on the animal’s foot. He was not yet badly hurt, even though in pain. As we took the trap off, he just sat, looking at us. I said “you’re free now, go, go.” He then got up slowly, and began to walk away, limping, his toes had blood on them, but the injury could have been much, much worse. About 100 yards or so, he stopped, turned, looking back at us. I believe he knew, and he had stopped long enough to say “I know what you did for me, thank you.” He then continued down to the river, and was gone.This was a turning point in my life. I was so full of rage at that moment, and with the trap in my hands, I kept screaming, and slamming the trap onto the concrete shoulder of the highway. If the trapper had come to claim his trap, I have little doubt how the trap would have been given to him.  Best Regards, Jim Rosemary

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