Live With It, Elmers!

Sooner or later Mother Nature will tire of humans’ destructive dominance and come up with a way to bring life back into balance. I can just hear her telling off the hunters: “Other animals have a right to be here too—just live with it, Elmers!”

Exposing the Big Game

Sorry Elmers, it’s time to snuff out one of the most overused and overstated rationalizations for your beloved sport.

Hunters would have you ingest the preposterous pabulum that hunting helps animals; that hunters are their philanthropic fairy godparents (well-armed well-wishers, if you will) performing the gallant duty of keeping animal populations in check; that animals won’t go on living unless they kindheartedly kill them (this of course is all the more outrageous in light of how many species have been wiped off the face of the earth, or perilously close to it, exclusively by hunting).

But deer, along with most other animal species—besides Homo sapiens, have built-in mechanisms that cause their reproduction rate to slow down when their population is high or food is scarce.  Though state “game” departments are usually loath to share any information that might work against one of their arguments for selling hunting licenses, even they…

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One thought on “Live With It, Elmers!

  1. Hunters debated and worried that Cecil the lion poaching incident (July 1, 2015) in Zimbabwe will negatively affect public attitudes toward “ethical hunting” and their dwindling “sport”. Actually, the unethical, non legal, unsporting killing of Cecil the lion brought to light the nature of hunting and trophy hunting. It was a catalyst for the public to take a look. Hunting is quite simply the recreational killing of wildlife. It is not a wholesome thing to do for man or wildlife. In the case of some animals, like the African lion, it is killing a diminishing species. It also brought to light the myths of hunting as conservation and the economics of wildlife killing over wildlife viewing. Hunting is a primitive and barbaric pastime, not a sport, sporting, nor ethical. There is no such thing as ethical killing of wildlife for fun; no such thing as sporting and ethical game farming in the wild or on game farms for recreational killing. Hunting leads to game farming in one form or another and a distortion in wildlife balanced ecology, a balance of apex predators in the natural wild and trophic cascades. Wildlife viewing is more valuable than wildlife killing, and healthier for man and the wild. Regarding the wclaim by trophy hunters about the economic benefit to African economies (hunter rationalization mythology) of their “sport”, trophy hunting contributes no more than (.27%) of GDP and no more than 1,8% of tourism. Wildlife viewing safaris is far better for economies and wildlife.

    Man considers himself an apex predator, not because of tooth or claw or super strength or super senses, speed and cunning, but because of an arsenal of tools (weapons) and intelligence. He likes the image of himself as apex animal, but without his weapons and protective clothing he is puny and not a competitive apex predator and may become the prey.

    Man presents as more as a harmful trophic cascade effect (harmful apex predator) than a natural healthful trophic cascade effect. He (man) really could be viewed as a parasite on the wild, something harmful that stands outside the wild since the dawn of civilization and his declaration of war on wildlife. With his pollution, destruction of biodiversity, destruction of wildlife habitat he may even be classified as a disease (departure from health) to the earth, and the earth would be better off without man. Mankind was not even a healthful apex predator when he was a subsistence hunter. Hunters are not true conservationists nor are most state wildlife agencies, in that they destroy natural trophic cascade ecology and in effect game farm. Wildlife agencies like to manage through hunting, but it is neither management nor conservation. Hunting, trophy hunting, trapping are primitive and barbaric, parasitic activities. They are harmful profiteering of and recreational killing of wildlife and a disruption of healthful trophic cascade ecology and biodiversity.


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    RDH 08/23/2015

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