Kill Bill 205, not cormorants

Draconian bill will send Ontario’s cormorants back
to the brink of extinction

On May 18, 2016, Ontario <> MPP Robert Bailey introduced Private Member’s Bill 205, Fish and Wildlife Conservation Amendment Act (Double-crested Cormorants) 2016 that, if passed, would allow the uncontrolled hunting and trapping of Double-crested cormorants by anyone for any reason.

Bill 205 ignores science and instead is based on myths and misunderstanding. It’s an attempt to slip into existing legislation what many may incorrectly see as an innocuous amendment, but one that will set the stage for the wholesale slaughter of cormorants across the province and drive them back to near extinction.

Bill 205 passed quickly through second reading and has been referred to the Standing Committee on Legislative Assembly. The Bill must be stopped in its tracks and should not be called for consideration and debate by the Committee.

Remarkably, while the regressive Bill 205 sits active in the process, a US federal court just ended cormorant culling in 24 eastern US states saying that there was little scientific basis for it.

Briefing notes on this bill can be read by <> clicking here.

For more than 10 years, Animal Alliance of Canada, Born Free Foundation, Zoocheck, Earthroots and other groups have been working to gain protections for cormorants. These unfortunate birds have been scapegoated for everything from water pollution to environmental destruction to the decimation of fish populations.

All of these claims are false.

Double-crested cormorants are native Ontario birds that have repopulated parts of their former range and they fulfill a valuable ecological role. Not only do they benefit biodiversity, they help generate healthy fish populations and should be considered a integral component of Ontario’s natural heritage.

But irrational hatred of cormorants runs deep and special interest, anti-cormorant groups would like nothing more than to see Bill 205 passed. They must not succeed. It may be cormorants on the proverbial chopping block now, but if it can happen to one, who might be next?

Take Action Today to Stop Bill 205!

Contact your Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) and tell them you strongly oppose Bill 205. Urge them to do everything in their power to make sure the Bill is stopped dead in its tracks.

Painting Courtesy Barry Kent McKay

Painting Courtesy Barry Kent McKay

3 thoughts on “Kill Bill 205, not cormorants

  1. No matter how much we rub humanity’s nose into their shitty behavior, we can’t seem to stop ourselves from coming back for another round, even worse each time. No wonder I am climate change’s biggest cheerleader, and the beauty of it is, ya don’t have to lift a finger, humanity insists upon blindly forging on ahead regardless! Go climate change, go! Perhaps rid of humanity, the rest of the planet can pick up the pieces and recover from the plague.

  2. Agreed. It’s amazing how powerful the Association of Anglers and Hunters of Ontario is. The reduction of a sustainable fish population is not related to the cormorants, but the overfishing by anglers. The animal, fish, bird, etc. is always the scapegoat. And when your MPP represents a rural riding and is an advocate of hunting and fishing, no logic will or empirical evidence will have any impact on his position. I know…

  3. Politicians have always been and will always be ignorance of science. They are too arrogant to seek scientific advice in decision-making, and are the cause of almost all of the problems that people and planet face today.

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