Smashing Through 490 — Fragmenting Prospects for Avoiding 2 C Warming


“The IPCC indicated in its fourth assessment report that achieving a 2 C target would mean stabilizing greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at around 445 to 490 ppm CO2 equivalent or lower. Higher levels would substantially increase the risks of harmful and irreversible climate change.” –Johan Eliasch

NOAA's Greenhouse Gas Index

(NOAA’s greenhouse gas index shows that CO2e concentration for 2015 averaged 485 ppm. Given recent rates of rise, the 2016 average should be near 490 ppm CO2e. At the latest, this key threshold will be crossed some time during 2017. Image source: NOAA’s Earth Systems Research Laboratory.)


There are a few things we know about climate change that should really keep us up at night. The first is that the world is warming, and this warming of the Earth, in so many ways, is dangerous to human beings and all the other innocent creatures living here.

The second is…

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4 thoughts on “Smashing Through 490 — Fragmenting Prospects for Avoiding 2 C Warming

  1. Finally, some rain. Coming down in torrents this afternoon, some hail as well. After two+ months with no rain and mid to high 90’s, it is welcome. But, many areas have flooding, and the “burn scars” from massive forest fires in the past few years have no trees or other vegetation to hold back the water rushing down the once-green mountains.
    Lightening today was unceasing, strange, no longer the cumulonimbus clouds which were prevalent in the past. Just very solid grey skies, with ominous flashes and thunder, more violent than before, and usually less gentle rains.

    Nevertheless, very thankful, for the water, which the birds and other animals can benefit from.

    It is time, now, to set aside whatever wild areas we can, especially if people have some acreage that may be able to provide wildlife habitat. Make sure there can never be any hunting or trapping on these lands.The planet we have come to know is going away…..the new one will be more barren, hot, and lifeless.


  2. Here’s an interesting article(s). I fear it may be to late to get out of the way of the human juggernaut, but I hope for wildlife’s sake I am wrong. It’s not just our numbers, but the amount of land we ‘need’ that makes me doubt that humanity can be magnanimous enough to set anything aside for other than ourselves. Our passive current administration relies too much on ‘collaboration’, and I think the latest disappointment with sage grouse protections says it all about that. Sally Jewell, in I think one of the only times I have heard her speak about wildlife, mentions the success story of the recovery of the Channel Island fox, and the Obama administration is self-congratulatory about the number of animals they have taken off the Endangered Species List, more than at any time. I just hope all the animals are ready:

    “A new analysis of threatened wildlife has provided a much-needed dose of perspective, showing that age-old human activities, including logging, hunting and farming, continue to pose a greater and more urgent threat.

    Despite a ‘growing tendency for media reports about threats to biodiversity to focus on climate change’, over-exploitation and agriculture are ‘by far the biggest drivers of biodiversity decline’ the authors write in a comment published Wednesday in the journal Nature.”

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