Death Toll Update


Peace for Geese Project

AUG 16, 2016 — Wildlife Services killed 578 geese in King County and 287 on Lake Washington in 2015. Shooting has become their preferred method of killing, but they also conducted two round-ups on Lake Washington where they gassed to death geese and their goslings. The numbers for 2016 will not be available until next year.

In a report to members of the Interlocal Agreement, Wildlife Services stated that they hazed and harassed 3,892 geese in King County. The techniques used included “working dogs, boats, paintballs, and firearms.”

In a decreasing trend, egg addling dropped to just 292 eggs. Clearly, egg addling is not a priority. It is obviously much easier to shoot geese or round them up and gas them instead of addling eggs to prevent their development.

Exact details concerning Wildlife Services killing in the Puget Sound area and Washington State Parks continues to be either non-existent or sketchy at best.

The report also stated “2015 represented the 29th year of Urban Waterfowl Management efforts in the greater Seattle area.” In a vicious cycle of killing, year after year, geese continue to be killed in our parks. And of course, few if any members of the Interlocal Agreement will take any responsibility for the killing. They seem to think that they are not responsible for the killing even though they have all collectively paid for it under the agreement.

Members of the 2015 agreement included: Washington State Parks, Seattle, Bellevue, Kent, Kirkland, Mountlake Terrace, Renton, SeaTac, Woodinville, Port of Seattle – Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Tacoma MetroParks, Tukwila, and the University of Washington.

Data released by the United States Department of Agriculture shows that Wildlife Services destroyed over 2.7 million animals in 2014. It is time to stop the war on wildlife!


4 thoughts on “Death Toll Update

  1. The way people are breeding, there won’t be room for anyone else, except all the animals we’ve crammed into factory farms to feed the people who won’t stop breeding. We’re killing animals on a scale that is astronomical, and it doesn’t even register on most people’s radars.

    There are a lot of complaints about geese and the mess they make. Well, there are a lot of people complaining about not having jobs. Give them a hose, a shovel, and a paycheck. I would rather clean up after the birds than some of the jobs I’ve done!

  2. The Government Gassing the Geese The Government Gassing the Geese

    There is a pain in the pit of my heart
    A heart that never gets peace
    The pain I feel is of great sorrow
    The government is gassing the geese.

    They cannot escape cause they’re molting now
    There is no chance for flight
    The nets drop and they can’t get out
    Though they try with all of their might.

    Then poison gas gets pumped into a truck
    And they try to breath without any luck
    Ovo-Control, a form of birth control
    Or oiling the eggs would stop the death toll.

    But they are only considered a pest
    Not worthy of disturbing their nest
    So this inhumane action goes on for weeks
    And those who protest are considered freaks

    There is a pain in the pit of my heart
    And I sing a mournful song
    The horror inflicted on those poor geese
    Can never be right, it is WRONG!

  3. I wrote this poem years ago, as the state of New York and New Jersey have had a war on geese. They have also had a war on swans.There is an organization called Geese Peace and you can most likely contact them for support. Another organization is S.H.A.R.K. Showing animals respect and kindness. If we could all unite, we might be able to do something against the killing of our wildlife. Use this poem anytime, anywhere if it helps the cause. You have my permission.
    Tone Gaglione

    • Sad that years after you wrote your poem the killing continues. Geese Peace and SHARK are good groups, two of the many that are trying hard but can’t keep up with human beings and their penchant for killing.

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