State kills 6 wolves so far in drive to exterminate

State kills 6 wolves so far in drive to exterminate predatory pack

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SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) – The state so far has killed six members of the Profanity Peak wolf pack, which has been preying on cattle in Ferry County.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is using hunters flying in helicopters to shoot the animals north of Sherman Pass.

The Spokesman-Review says the wolf pack is estimated to contain 11 animals, including six pups.

Since mid-July, the state says wolves from this pack have killed or injured six cattle, and possibly five others.

Fish and Wildlife Director Jim Unsworth authorized the elimination of the wolf pack on Aug. 19. That decision has drawn criticism from some conservation groups.

Profanity Peak is one of 19 known wolf packs in the state.

5 thoughts on “State kills 6 wolves so far in drive to exterminate

  1. I suppose next year in August/September when the Cattle King throws another tantrum, those scaredy-cats in F&W will fire up the helicopters once again. I pray that some wolves outrun them and outwit them.

  2. The Cattle King is striking again and getting his own way, again! The quote below is from FOUR years ago! So between the Wedge Pack and the Profanity Hill pack, that is 14 dead wolves so far.

    Washington state’s Department of Fish and Wildlife has issued a “death sentence” for an eight-strong pack of gray wolves believed to be behind attacks on livestock. The agency has sent two sharpshooters to eliminate the Wedge Pack, which officials say are responsible for injuring or killing at least 15 cattle. Mitch Friedman of wolf-tracking group Conservation Northwest agreed that the pack should be destroyed, but blamed the cattle’s owner Bill McIrvine for not doing enough to protect his herd. McIrvine, who declined to participate in a range riding program supported by other local ranchers, said in July that he believes environmentalists are conspiring to reintroduce wolves to the area to drive ranchers off public lands.


  3. This ought to be enough. If reports are true, this man deliberately runs cattle in areas where there are wolves, including denning wolves, and refuses to cooperate. He should not be rewarded for this behavior by WDFW, but pay some kind of penalty. It would be one thing if he cooperated, did everything he could to prevent it, and still had problems – but he thinks he is above the rules, on public lands. Now, it is WDFW who is responsible for this mess – and just responding to quiet down one disgruntled rancher is not proper ‘management’. That does nothing to encourage and reward other ranchers, who I understand do cooperate.

  4. This rancher refuses to actually do anything non lethal to protect his cattle from wolf predation. I thought they had only killed 2 of the Profanity Peak pack and there was a moratorium on killing the rest. Also read in the Seattle Times about how this dick head rancher, Len McIrvin turned his cattle out to graze right on top of the Profanity Pack’s den. There should be absolutely no cattle grazing allowed on public lands.

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