Defenders of Wildlife = Defenders of Livestock

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9 thoughts on “Defenders of Wildlife = Defenders of Livestock

  1. Profanity Wolf Family Group, WA, WDFW, killing entire pack at rancher behest. Is political management of wildlife at its worse: The wildlife officials have discovered, they believe, that killing an entire pack who started depredation on livestock is most efficacious ending depredations, they believe, for wolves who have learned to prey on easy prey, livestock. This is still totally out of line in terms of conservation. Wolves, other predators, should not be killed at
    the behest of ranchers leasing public land. It should be acceptable collateral damage for encroaching on wildlife. Ranchers should have non lethal management practices in place and active. Most, if not all, wolf and grizzly impacted ranchers have a predator compensation fund. Manage ranchers not wildlife. Retire those leases to wildlife conservation. When in conflict with predators existence on public land, national forests, parks, refuges, choose wildlife. We are not going to appease ranchers or hunters by killing predators for them. Wildlife agencies killing public wildlife on public land for a rancher is absurdly shameful. Rein in these renegade state wildlife agencies. Conservation agencies’ support may open a Pandora’s Box for baiting then killing “offending wolves” on public land. Some leases are so rugged and forested they are almost impossible to defend and even having stock there is baiting predators. Sloppy stock management or deliberate baiting is death knell for predators. Giving ranchers priority on public land is death knell for predators. Manage ranchers, not wolves.

    Some conservationists and newspaper pundits favor killing a cattle predation inclined wolf pack because all the pack has learned to offend, and because it may engender more tolerance among ranchers. Killing wolves reinforces the rancher attitudes of wolf jihad as killing wolves for hunters reinforces their wolf jihad attitudes. News media support of rancher and hunter hysteria reinforces their mythology, hatred, fear, entitlement, power and control attitudes.

  2. I wonder what has happened over the weekend – if the Profanity Pack has been exterminated on public lands, without informing the public! This man has gone to the well once too often, and the only good thing to be said about it is the ‘public’ of the public lands has begun to take notice of his abuse. The cozy little club of ranchers and the Departments of Ranching and Cattle a/k/a WDFW activities are going to be scrutinized, I hope. Apologies to those ranchers who do cooperate and take wildlife recovery, and proper ranching practices, seriously, and thank you.

  3. Marcia Mueller ·

    This is nothing new. Environmental groups want broad memberships and funding. They do not want to appear “radical” and be lumped into “tree hugger” and “bunny hugger” groups. They do not want to alienate corporate America and all the hunters. Unfortunately this leads to what some of us see as selling out. You can also see similar ugly alliances between conservation organizations and loggers in Africa that actually facilitates the bush meat trade.

    I try to support organizations that do not pander to hunters and ranchers.

    Note, I find what seems like resentment of cows in some post comments on the Internet disconcerting. They are victims of the ranchers too.

  4. It is disturbing that Defenders of Wildlife would defend this repeat offender who makes a mockery of wildlife recovery, wildlife advocates, and even the government agencies who seem to have no choice but to cater to him – anybody else but him! He reminds me of that devil trapper in Alaska who gleefully torments everyone around him, from the animals to the government. He neglects and abuses his own livestock to undermine the program.

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