| End the Puget Sound pact killing Canada geese

Letter to the editor

  • By Diane Weinstein / Sammamish
  • Aug 23, 2016

Under an interlocal agreement, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services program killed 578 geese in King County and 287 on Lake Washington in 2015. Shooting has become their preferred method of killing, but they also conducted two roundups on Lake Washington where they gassed to death geese and their goslings. The numbers for 2016 are not yet available.

Prior to becoming a member of the interlocal agreement, Washington State Parks hired Wildlife Services to kill geese at Lake Sammamish State Park on at least two occasions.

In a decreasing trend, egg addling dropped to just 292 eggs. Clearly, this is not a priority. It is apparently much easier to shoot geese or gas them instead of addling eggs to prevent their development.

Humane solutions to mitigate conflicts with geese exist. In addition to addling, the following are effective: landscape modifications, goose deterrent products and control techniques, automated devices to clean up goose droppings, and education and public outreach on the need to stop feeding waterfowl.

More: http://www.theeastside.news/issaquah/opinion/letters/letter-to-the-editor-end-the-puget-sound-pact-killing/article_e8c3affa-695c-11e6-8549-97ef0292f445.html


3 thoughts on “| End the Puget Sound pact killing Canada geese

  1. Great letter Diane! I also wish they would use alternatives to DEATH! Killing these beautiful birds is a disgrace!

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