Aerial Wolf Kills: At What Cost?


10 thoughts on “Aerial Wolf Kills: At What Cost?

  1. It really does boggle the mind – just how do people justify this kind of expense and catering to *one* rancher? This scam has got to end; and the public to take off their blinders. There should be no cattle in or near a National Forest!

  2. There really ought to be a “Who’s Who” of wildlife abusers – Idaho has their share, poachers The Whites of WA (a “Where Are They Now” section), Alaska trappers, Wyoming wolf hunters and outfitters, etc., wild horse killers, etc. What a rogue’s gallery.

  3. An entire section on Wildlife Services and rogue government employees such as Josh Bransford (whatever became of him?), Wolf and Dog poisoner and alleged runner-overer of a wolf Toby Bridges (he’s been quiet for awhile now; must’ve been told to shaddup lest he damage ‘the cause’; Killer Doctors and Dentists big game hunters such as Walter Palmer, Beauty Queens Huntresses, YouTube sensations like Tim Slappington, the list goes on and on…..

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