Climate Change May be Readying to Split the Heavens over the U.S. Southeast — So What Can We Do?


None of us are bystanders when it comes to climate change. Whether we’re aware of it or not, we’re all caught up in the most pressing trouble of our age. Our great burning of fossil fuels is steadily turning the Earth’s climate into something terrible. Once we realize this, the imperative for action becomes as clear and keen as a razor’s edge.


Only a few weeks after severe rains inundated Louisiana, another powerful atmospheric bomb may be leveling its sights toward a broad region of Florida and the US Southeast. Rainfall amounts in excess of one foot are expected over portions of Florida as a tropical depression is expected to strengthen into a tropical storm as it churns in from a record-hot Gulf of Mexico. Coastal portions of Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina may see 5-10 inches of rain over the coming few days. And long range…

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1 thought on “Climate Change May be Readying to Split the Heavens over the U.S. Southeast — So What Can We Do?

  1. What a fact-filled, poignant and urgent piece, Robert!

    I unfortunately do not believe Homo sapiens can face or mitigate the terrible reality of this planetary diagnosis: Humans have over-populated most of Earth, & killed off half the world’s other species (Earth has lost half of its wildlife in the past 40 years, says WWF …, with increasingly toxic activities to go along with this endless, destructive, cancerous growth.

    Planet Earth can no longer handle our human onslaught. I agree that we will continue to see much more very negative feedback, with more intensive droughts in some areas, and more torrential flooding in others, as is happening as we write and speak.

    Yes, planting trees is a thoughtful idea. However, let’s look at those areas, here in The West, and the Northwest, which have burned, and are continuing to burn: Many of these “burn scars” in what once were green forests, may never be able to be reforested, because the soils are so now denuded, often sterilized by the intensity of the fires. Take for instance the Southwest. We have experienced first hand how Climate Change is now altering everything, especially the Ponderosa Pine forests: Craig Allen, of the US. Geological Survey, as been doing long-term studies on what is happening in western forests: Allen writes:

    “There is a broad consensus among the simulations, despite differences in the simulated climate trajectories across the ensemble, that needle leaf evergreen tree coverage will decline by approximately 23% (from 45% to 22%) coincident with a 19% (from 14% to 33%) increase in shrubs and grasses by the end of the 21st century in western NA, with most of the change occurring over the latter half of the 21st century. The net impact is a ~ 6 GtC or about 50% decrease in projected ecosystem carbon storage in this region. The findings suggest a potential for a widespread shift from tree-dominated landscapes to shrub and grass-dominated landscapes in western NA due to future warming and consequent increases in water deficits.”

    After the horrendous, mega, La Conchas Fire in the Jemez Mts., in NM., Research Ecologist, Craig Allen, issued a statement which was on the front page of a local paper, which basically ( I paraphrase here), stated that Ponderosa Pine “will likely not regrow, due to climatic changes.”

    Many public lands in The West are also grazed to the bone by the Livestock Industry, while it demands more wolf, coyote, mountain lion and other native species killing. Increasingly, native wild populations have lost their habitat, their homes because of this destructive industry. Yet, the “Sacred Cow” of livestock special interests continue to degrade the land where wild species should be able to live in peace. Now, more than ever, public lands will be needed to provide sanctuary for wild species, both flora and fauna.

    Craig Allen continues his scientific research, and there are many other related articles on how Climate Change is now affecting forests, soils, water resources, and wildlife.

    Humans have created this mess. Frankly, we do not deserve to continue on this planet. Sadly, Non-human life does not deserve what is coming as a result of this climate disruption– caused by greedy, thoughtless, overpopulated and ego-centered Homo sapiens.

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