Madonna blasts Donald Trump’s sons for killing wild leopard

Madonna has attacked Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s sons after they posed for a picture with a leopard they had killed during a hunting trip in Africa.

The pop icon wrote on Instagram that the picture, which showed Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump holding the dead cat’s body, was another reason to vote for the Democratic party. She wrote: “How big of [a] pussy do you have to be to kill this noble animal for sport? Just ask Donald Trump Jr and his brother Eric. One more reason to vote for Hillary!”

The picture is believed to have been taken in 2011, during a safari trip to Zimbabwe. Other photos that emerged, including the brothers posing with dead elephants and crocodiles, have been condemned by animal rights activists.

Trump has defended his sons in the past saying: “My sons love to hunt. They are members of the NRA [National Rifle Association], very proudly. I am a big believer in the second amendment. But my sons are hunters, Eric is a hunter and I would say he puts it on a par with golf, if not ahead of golf. They’re great marksman [sic], great shots, they love it.”

In supporting Hillary, Madonna joins many musical celebrities, including Paul McCartney, Justin Timberlake and Jon Bon Jovi. However, Madonna is actually related to the Democratic hopeful – they are 10th cousins.

3 thoughts on “Madonna blasts Donald Trump’s sons for killing wild leopard

  1. Good for Madonna. This country pays a lot of attention to celebrities, so the Trump boys and their killing sprees will be noticed.

    It would be nice if Hillary would say something too, but they have pandered to the hunters. I remember Bill going out with the boys and shooting an unfortunate duck. Couldn’t he have just taken a bad aim and missed?

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