Eric Trump to Keynote Sportsmen’s Alliance 20th Annual “Save Our Heritage” Rally

In celebration of the 20th Annual Sportsmen’s Alliance “Save Our Heritage” Rally, Eric Trump, avid hunter and son of Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump, will speak at the event on Sept. 10 in Columbus, Ohio.

The “Save Our Heritage” Rally is a one-day rally of all things outdoors, which raises awareness and funds for the Sportsmen’s Alliance to protect and advance hunting, fishing and trapping nationwide. The event runs from 3-9:30 p.m. at the Villa Milano Banquet & Conference Center in Columbus, Ohio, and features a catered dinner, raffles, auctions and games for great prizes ranging from elk, wolf and deer hunts to African safaris and dozens of firearms.

Seating is strictly limited, and only a handful of tickets for remain available. Tickets cost only $50 and include dinner and drink tickets. No tickets will be sold at the door.

Purchase Tickets or by calling 614-888-4868.

Appearances by political hopefuls is nothing new for the Sportsmen’s Alliance. In recent years, Sen. John McCain, Speaker Paul Ryan, Gov. John Kasich and others have addressed those attending the organization’s events.

Eric Trump, the middle son of Presidential hopeful Donald Trump, has been a lifelong hunter ever since his maternal grandfather introduced him and his older brother, Donald Trump, Jr., to it as children. The Trump brothers were attacked by the international animal-rights movement in 2012 when images of the two from an African safari circulated on social media.

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3 thoughts on “Eric Trump to Keynote Sportsmen’s Alliance 20th Annual “Save Our Heritage” Rally

  1. I just hope Hillary doesn’t get on the bandwagon, with Ken Salazar as leader of her transition team, the New Interior Secretary could be the stuff of nightmares. I wonder if the Democrats will allow the grizzly to be delisted before they are really recovered, to make it look like a success story for them, and giving a gift to the other trophy hunters besides the Trump boys. I hope that Tim Kaine no longer with be a part of the Sportsmen’s Act, catering to hunters and trophy hunters. Even Bernie was courting hunters!

    I had hoped that if a Democrat was in office again, environmentalists and animal activists could finally catch a breather. But it looks like there’s going to be no rest for the weary or the wicked, but more capitulating. I hope that Hillary doesn’t alienate her progressive base while trying to get the votes of those who most likey will never vote for her.

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