The Big Guy in the Sky and His Divine Plan

Paul Watson’s Sunday Sermon:

Christians and Muslims both believe that God aka Allah, aka.Yahweh has a DIVINE PLAN. He knows when you will be born before you are born. He knows when you will die. He knows when you will get laid for the first time and how many kids you will have. He knows when you have been naughty and he knows when you have been nice. It’s all in the mysterious big book, you know, the one He will use for the final judgment, when you will be brought before Him to atone for your numerous sins.

Apparently it’s a pretty big book.

The problem is that God knows before you were born, what sins you will commit. It’s all pre-ordained or as the Moslems say… “it is written.”

So if God knows all this and the script for your life is set way before you’re born than what is all the praying about?

How can Christians and Muslims accept and believe in the DIVINE PLAN yet at the same time they are constantly asking God to change HIS plan in their prayers.

Some people pray for love, others for money. Some pray for children. Some pray for their enemies to die. Some people pray for Notre Dame to kick ass on the grid iron and some people pray for America to kick Syrian ass in Iraq for Jesus, while the other side prays for victory for Mohammed.

But if it is all in the DIVINE PLAN, why is anyone worried about anything? Christians and Muslims should just accept GOD’s PLAN and stop fretting about things and calling for prayers every time a terrorist attack happens or they lose the lottery.

Why bother the Big Guy in the Sky with your petty little problems. Perhaps he’s so damn busy with insignificant prayers that he just never gets around to ending war, domestic violence, serial killing, child and animal abuse, and pestilence.

Perhaps He could solve these problems if He did not have to deal with selfish prayers like winning the lottery, vengeful prayers and prayers of insecurity. In fact He seems to have so many prayers that He only gets to address a small fraction, like for example when this one guy, the sole survivor of an airplane crash said that God answered his prayers and that is why he survived which implied that God did not give a fig for those who died including the babies.

Prayers are answered randomly just as events happen randomly.

I don’t pray. I never saw the logic in it. But I do understand that prayer serves as a means of bringing peace and comfort to people and people have a right to pray and to believe in and have faith in what they believe. It is certainly far better than drugs and escapism to avoid the reality of life.

Perhaps it’s because I have never been addicted to drugs, tobacco, alcohol or anything else, including prayer that I fail to see the need for prayer.

Does praying for peace bring about the end of war? If it did I would pray three times a day but my observation is that prayer in many cases is the cause of war with people of opposing faiths praying for victory over their enemies – the unbelievers, and everyone is an unbeliever in some way because they do not believe in the God of the people who believe in another God or the same God who simply is called by a different name.

And everyone goes to Hell because Catholics will go to Protestants hell, Protestants will go to Catholic Hell, Christians and Jews and Atheists will got to Islamic Hell and Muslims and Jews will go to Christian Hell.

I have been told a thousand times in my life that I’m going to Hell. It does not bother me for the simple reason I don’t believe in Hell or the afterlife.

Well I used to believe in reincarnation but that was in my last life, not in this one.

As Gertrude Stein once said, “the answer is that there is no answer and that is the only answer we shall ever get.”

We are finite minds in an infinite universe and the finite cannot comprehend the infinite.

So for those people to who answers are demanded, wanted or needed, the only alternative is the creation of an answer to cling to within the chaos of the infinite cosmos unless you are like myself, a person who looks upon chaos as an adventure and feels secure, lost in a sea of uncertainty and insecurity.

Peace and freedom can simply be found through the acceptance of what is and what will be. When you do not fear death or consequences you are liberated from stress and anxiety and your mind is at peace, you are liberated from stress and you truly become free.

However there really is a divine plan. It is the order within the Universe controlled by the laws of physics. There are also the ecological laws. You can do nothing about the former. If you violate the laws of physics – you simply cease to exist. If you violate the laws of ecology, you will die. We have no control over the laws of physics but we do have control over how we respect the laws of ecology. With the laws of ecology we can determine our collective future. Violating both the law pf physics and the laws of ecology will get us killed individually, or can cause our extinction as a species.

A God will not protect us from Climate Change because a God did not bring it about. Humanity did and Humanity is not only the cause but we also have the power to address it which we most likely will not as long as we depend upon prayer to replace our responsibilities.

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One thought on “The Big Guy in the Sky and His Divine Plan

  1. Great comments from one of my heroes. Religion, which is supposed to be a force for good, often creates its own evils. As H. Richard Niebuhr said, Religion makes good people better and bad people worse.”

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