Homo sapiens is No Ordinary Species

Like the global warming skeptic who isn’t comfortable placing blame on human activity for changing the Earth’s climate to the detriment all, the Pleistocene overkill denier has a hard time accepting that humans are responsible for diminishing biodiversity by hunting species to extinction. And some folks might wonder, ‘what’s the point of digging up the past, unearthing the dark side of primitive cultures that we’ve grown fond of thinking of as noble and beyond reproach?’ As Richard Leaky explains, “…human colonization of pristine lands is an extreme example of an invading species and the consequences of that invasion on existing [animal] communities.

Exposing the Big Game

When did big game hunters first start driving other species to extinction? If you go by the Young Earth Creationist’s calendar, evenbefore the dawn of time. In this, the third installment of our series on detrimental denial, we’re going to look at how hunting by humans has been wiping out our fellow animal species since the earliest of times.

According to Richard Leaky and Roger Lewin, authors of The Sixth Extinction: Patterns of Life and the Future of Humankind, “…In recent years it has become undeniable that the evolution of Homo sapiens was to imprint a ruinous signature on the rest of the world, perhaps from the beginning periods.”

In a chapter examining the sudden loss of North American mammals, such as elephants, mastodons, giant sloths, horses, camels and the American lions, paleoanthropologist Leaky and his co-author wrote: “Within a flicker of geological time, between 12,000 and 10,000 years…

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One thought on “Homo sapiens is No Ordinary Species

  1. Apex Hunter Man Not. Man sports hunter (recreational killer) and tool maker does not have a trophic cascade effect on wildlife, he is more like a disease, an alien parasite. Man is predatory in a negative sense but not a top predator. Man, close to nature once, left subsistence hunting and living in the wild in small tribal groups a long time ago, at the dawn of civilization and turned to agriculture and animal farming (aka ranching). He has now become a “sportsman”, a recreational killer of wildlife for fun, not subsistence, and profit. Hunting is not a sport and hunters are not sportsmen. The animal targets did not join in the sport of being targets. The animal world, the wilderness cannot support animal farming and sports killing in the wild wherein the sportsmen upsets the balance by farming sports targets and marginalizing the predators or eliminating them. The wild cannot support trophy hunting; 40% of the world’s animals have disappeared in the past 50 years. Time for the “sportsman” to disappear. Man is not the top predator nor is he part of nature though he has a devastating negative impact. Man first went to the the use of tools route and then went the “civilization” route. Man has spent his existence driving back the wilderness, and.declaring war on flora and fauna. Now he may visit the wild and play in it and as hunter-sportsman he may pretend he is a hunter-gatherer again, or vicarious warrior, but only for the day, morning or afternoon. Man is now more like a disease upon the wild and the wilderness and the world than an apex animal and part of it. Without killing tools, man is not even close to being an apex predator. Man is a farmer, rancher, artisan, worker, consumer. Man is not equipped with tooth or claw, strength or speed, jaw pressure, for or feathers or protective scales or feathers for weather and protection, strength or speed for the hunt. It is through the use of tools that man is predator. Man is unique and more like a disease of the earth and wildlife than a part of the normal food chain. The earth’s, biodiversity, the health of the planet would be better off if man could start working more and more on coexistence than animal farming and recreational wildlife killing. Man has spent his existence pushing back the wilderness because he feared it and fears it still and placed himself, in his mind, above it. He cannot be completely in it but can learn, so far, to coexist. Man is unique on earth, a tool dependent, predatory, but not apex predator. Maybe man will learn to live in coexistence with nature, but the signs are he will and continue as man the destroyer. A major problem for man’s coexistence with nature is we let our religions, our superstitions, place man at the top with dominion over the rest of living things and the earth, and even himself at the center of the universe. We even created our Gods in human likeness. Now the steward of the earth is destroying biodiversity and the environment.

    Speciesism: “Speciesism involves the assignment of different values, rights, or special consideration to individuals solely on the basis of their species membership. Wikipedia”




    Movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still, with Keanu Reeves

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