Trump spawn

from a Facebook friend:

Male Trump spawn..
dangerous sociopaths like their father
aka no empathy
hollow hearts
they are serial killers..
enjoy murdering other sentient beings..
and keeping trophies..
Psych 101..
padded cells
Thorazine drip

sadly, they have reproduced >:O

make it stop


5 thoughts on “Trump spawn

  1. Their sense of entitlement knows no bounds. The lives of the animals don’t count. They are just trophies, acquisitions, and possessions in a world where the privileged can have anything they want and finally come to compete over their body counts.

  2. I know these guys are bad, but what concerns me is that if everyone focuses their ire on Trump, certain policies by the Democrats will slip under the radar. Grizzly bear delisting, continued wolf persecution, premature delistings or denial of listing when an animal or plant species desperately needs it, expansion of hunting in the National Parks and Wildlife Refuges – simply because someone making the decision is a Democrat! There are plenty of other trophy hunters besides these two. The Sportsmen’s Act concerns me. I hope it doesn’t slip under the radar in all the focus on Donald Trump.

    • I agree. The Democrats haven’t exactly been the friend of animals. The grizzly delisting, wolf killings, horse round-ups continue. Hillary picked Ken Salazar to lead her transition team if elected! I was hoping he was gone forever. He is about one step up from Cliven Bundy in my book.

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