Urge Hillary Clinton to remove Salazar from her transition team

Voters for Environmental Protection and Wildlife Conservation
 see: Change.org

Salazar is a bad choice for wildlife and the environment
Hillary Clinton has picked former Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar to head her transition team preparing for her Presidency if she wins. The transition team is a small group of advisors responsible for setting the groundwork for important decisions, which includes selecting executive branch appointments. As the former head of the Interior Department, Salazar is sure to have a great deal of influence on the selection of the next Secretary of the Interior and other positions with wildlife and environmental responsibilities. Therefore, the people making these decisions would be very likely to have positions, opinions, and loyalties similar to those of Salazar himself.

This is very bad news for wildlife and the environment. Salazar’s actions and statements reveal a strong bias against wildlife and protection of natural resources and in favor of such groups as ranchers and oil executives. For example, during his tenure at Interior, and since then, he:

– delisted vulnerable wolves from the endangered species list early in his tenure

– later delisted wolves in Wyoming where wolves are treated as vermin

– refused endangered species protection to polar bears whose habitat is threatened

– consistently sided with the interests of ranchers vs wildlife on public land issues

– accelerated rates of cruel roundups of horses and sale to known slaughterers

– rejected reasonable humane solutions to wildlife problems in favor of cruel and lethal methods

– developed vast areas of public wildlife habitats for energy production, including gas and oil

– defended the safety of fracking for oil and gas and joined industry in opposing the anti-fracking initiatives in Colorado

– promoted the XL pipeline


FIRST: Sign the petition and circulate it to as many people as you can.

THEN:  strengthen the message:

1. Call Hillary’s campaign office at 646-854-1432, and urge her to remove Salazar from her transition team. Phone calls have major impact.

2. Go to Hillary’s Contact Us form https://www.hillaryclinton.com/forms/contact-us/ and copy our petition letter at the link below and paste it into the Message section, or just write a brief message urging Hillary to remove Salazar from her transition team, and send her a direct message.


Voters for Environmental Protection and Wildlife Conservation


6 thoughts on “Urge Hillary Clinton to remove Salazar from her transition team

  1. To me this is borderline unethical, if not outright unethical. He’s already had his time in Washington, and the public deserves a clean slate, not President Obama’s leftovers.

  2. Salazar is unacceptable. I’ve already written HRC but will do again; it may do some good. As for the other side, if Trump wins perhaps his surrogate, Jack Kingston, former congressman from Georgia who is a horsemeat eater and horse slaughter proponent is not good either. The public should be reminded of Kingston’s and Congressman King’s immoral activities regarding factory farmed animals.

  3. Amy He’s a Disaster !!! Lots of folks Baling to Green Party and Gary Johnson The #’s are growing and could allow Trump the presidency This was a huge mistake I heard he has an emergency somewhere and is really sorry but can’t take such a high honor right now

    She has to get rid of this enemy of the environment Bozo central and no respect from greens ! R

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