the Ocean: “When I die, I’m taking you all with me”

A letter to humanity from the Ocean:


12 thoughts on “the Ocean: “When I die, I’m taking you all with me”

  1. Humans have pushed this planet over the tipping point. Those who deny climate change will never believe it. Donald Trump thinks it’s a “hoax,” probably a conspiracy report from Info Wars. Now that the tipping point is here, it will become a runaway phenomenon, which is already manifesting itself with fast rising ocean temperatures, more severe droughts and floods. Wild animals are trying to adjust by migrating in some areas, but there simply are too many of us humans.
    As Chris Hedges said, (which mirrors this letter)– “This time we are taking the whole word with us.”

    I only hope that some of us can help as many wild non-humans as possible, to have some safe haven during the coming Dark Times. Wherever we live, let’s make public lands grazing an issue, and work to drive this industry (many ranchers are aligned with the NRA/hunters) off those lands–the wild animals need sanctuary.


  2. Talk about climate defiers, I saw the most unusual thing today. It was a big Dodge Ram pickup truck or one of those gargantuan things, with a sticker on the back fender saying ‘anti-Prius device’ with an arrow pointing to the exhaust pipe, which was spewing black smoke!

  3. I saw the documentary Mission Blue and it just knocked me out. The documentary covers the life and work of Dr. Sylvia Earle and her direct observations of the state of the occasion life during her dives throughout her life. I knew that occasions were in trouble but I just never thought about the scale of the destruction until I saw this program. My God when is this trend of unchecked human over population and uncontrolled greed going to change?

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