Vaux’s Swift Soon to be another Victim of Climate Change


Have you been watching the Vaux’s Swift on its migration journey this far? This aerial acrobat is on its way south to Mexico for the winter, resting in chimneys all along the Pacific Flyway and entertaining onlookers as it swoops and dives tail-first into its chimney roost.

Sadly, Audubon’s science forecasts a 99 percent summer range loss for this insect-loving bird due to climate change. If we don’t act now, by 2080, there may be nowhere left for Vaux’s Swifts to nest and raise their young.

Vaux's Swift
Take Action
Climate change is the number one threat to birds today, and reducing the carbon pollution that’s causing climate change is one of the best ways to protect birds and people from this threat. That’s why Audubon Washington is supporting I-732, the initiative on our fall ballot that puts a price on carbon pollution while supporting families and businesses in Washington state.

If you haven’t already, please sign a pledge of support for I-732. Help us pass the first carbon tax in the nation, and make sure the Vaux’s Swift will have a place to raise its young now and in the future.


One thought on “Vaux’s Swift Soon to be another Victim of Climate Change

  1. Poor sweetie. We’re going to try our damnedest to save you and the beleaguered other creatures on this planet!

    We’ve got this thing out near where I live, the media is calling it the ‘mass bird death’ mystery. Come on now, we’ve all heard this before, they are being poisoned. Every year flocks of blackbirds, starlings or grackles, stop at backyards. I don’t treat my lawn and garden so I love when birds come to eat the bugs. But for some, any mass gathering of wildlife brings out their killer instincts. Cats who have eaten the dead birds have died too.

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