Excerpt: Letter from Predator Defense on the slaughter of the Profanity Peak pack

Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson

Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson

The Profanity Peak wolf pack was wrongfully slaughtered. They were set up for the kill. The rancher, a known wolf-hater, put his cattle to graze on pristine, forested public land in the core of the pack’s territory. His cattle, of course, displaced the wolves’ normal prey–elk and deer. The cattle then became prey. The rancher did not use anywhere close to an adequate level of nonlethal deterrents to prevent predation. He also put salt blocks near the pack’s den, according to WDFW, which drew the cattle right to the wolves. And so, the wolves predated on the cattle.

After this WDFW’s Wolf Policy Lead had the gall to state in a TV interview: “Is that really the wolf population we want to repopulate the state? Wolves that have demonstrated that behavior and see livestock as prey items.” In other words, wolves being wolves (let alone being set up!) and doing the job nature gave them as apex predators should not be themselves?!

So WDFW has now killed at least 6 of the 11-member pack and is actively trying to kill the rest. This situation is an outrage! The slaughter of the Profanity Peak Pack must be stopped. And cattle should cease being placed in wolves’ territory unless truly adequate nonlethal control methods are in use. There are also areas where it is inappropriate to have livestock, and this is surely one of them.

Brooks Fahy
Executive Director, Predator Defense


7 thoughts on “Excerpt: Letter from Predator Defense on the slaughter of the Profanity Peak pack

  1. Right, the killing is an outrage. But all our “musts” and “shoulds” don’t help. Ranchers and hunters have what it takes to win–organization, money, and access to those who will comply with their demands.

  2. As usual I’m left with my all too frequent feelings of impotent rage because I’m not sure just what the hell I can actually do to change any of this. Surely the people who want to see all wildlife thriving on public lands outnumber the ranchers and hunters who are slavishly catered to in our current system. Again, is it possible to garner support for a license to be purchased by wildlife photographers, bird watchers, or any person who gives a damn about wild lands management catering to wildlife? We will have no voice at all unless it is backed by money.

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