David Attenborough hits out at big game hunters after 12-year-old admits to trophy hunting


It was the picture which disgusted the world, the grinning face of a 12-year-old girl cuddling the giraffe she had just shot and killed for fun.

While most her age would be only too pleased to see these creatures running wild, sweet-faced Aryanna Gourdin guns them down for her trophy-hunting album.

Our exclusive story sickened animal lovers around the globe, none more so than Sir David Attenborough, who has devoted decades to conservation.

The TV legend today calls trophy hunting “incomprehensible”.

He says: “It’s what people did in the 19th century. One would’ve thought people would’ve gotten over that.”

More: http://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/david-attenborough-hits-out-big-8802878


6 thoughts on “David Attenborough hits out at big game hunters after 12-year-old admits to trophy hunting

  1. Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC has been brave enough to mention Trump’s Trophy Hunting sons, calling them “animal killers” and “killing beautiful animals,” actually showing both times the Trophy Hunting photo with Trump’s son holding the slaughtered leopard. This man obviously cares about animals, and we should encourage him to continue to expose these atrocities. If you go to this link below, you can register, sign in, and make a supportive comment.


  2. This is shameful and barbarous. I must place the blame in part on the example set for this girl, apparently she was brought up to have little to no respect for life. We must stop killing ourselves and these beautiful innocent animals.

  3. All the heads of (trophy) hunters in my wal! And….. to be clear: worldwide hunters are all trash. Been to Alaska and wolfs, bears, moose, foxes and cariboes are hunted just for fun. Permits for hunting are needed but they shoot just everything that walks …..

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