Farmer charged with shooting grizzly sow with cubs

A B.C. dairy farmer is charged with killing four grizzly bears after a sow with cubs was allegedly shot.
Now, Arlan Harry Baer is facing six charges under the Wildlife Act, including killing wildlife out of season, unlawful possession of dead wildlife, failure to report killing wildlife, failure to state location of wildlife killed, and resisting or obstructing an officer from exercising their duty.
Baer runs a family farm, with both Holstein dairy and beef cows, about 300 km east of Prince George. He’s also principal of the McBride Christian Day School, according to a B.C. government website.
Baer is scheduled to make his next court appearance in October.
Few details have been released about what happened.
But Smith, the conservation officer, said there are provisions in the Wildlife Act for ranchers and farmers to protect livestock. In this case, Smith said, crown counsel decided to approve charges against Baer.
4 dead bears could limit grizzly hunt
Smith said limited entry hunting for grizzly bears in the region may now be imposed.
“If four bears are taken, and you don’t know the sex, you have to default and assume they are all females,” said Smith.
B.C. grizzly bear expert Lana Ciarniello isn’t familiar with this case.
Still, she said the prospect of losing four female grizzly bears is serious.
‘We do not want to be losing …females’
“They are very, very slow reproducing, especially as you get into the interior of the province and off the salmon streams. We do not want to be losing or killing adult females,” said Ciarniello.
“Anytime we have a large number of females killed, we would absolutely need to  … reassess hunting quotas,” said Ciarniello, noting that would be a government call.
Ultimately, she believes the grizzly population in the Dunster region is fairly healthy. “I don’t think it’s going to have too much overall impact to the population.”
Ciarniello said conflicts with grizzly bears are “unfortunately common” in agricultural areas.
She said some bear advocates are working at mitigating conflict between farmers and bears.
Furthermore, she said preventative measures including moving calves closer to farm houses during calving, building barriers, securely storing grain, and keeping livestock from the edge of forests can help.

12 thoughts on “Farmer charged with shooting grizzly sow with cubs

  1. Oh, brother. Have ranchers take measures to protect their livestock? Whether in Canada or the U.S, this is apparently an unacceptable expectation and burden. Why would anyone support filthy ranchers? They’re in the killing business, whether their targets are domestic or wild. Love that this guy is a Christian official, too — the pinnacle of hypocrisy and corruption.

  2. I sickens me to see wildlife harmed in any way by humans, they are in their environment, and have a right to live unmolested. However I would not consider dairy farmer or farmers of any kind as filthy ranchers. They are for the most part the salt of the earth and provide millions with food. It is an occupation that goes back to taking care of ones family to taking care of many peoples needs. We must eliminate unnecessary killing of animals, treat our animals humanely. Filthy ranchers…that makes me want to puke.

    • Try some PeptoBismol. The salt of the earth are abusing animals too. Dairy cows are treated badly until they’re “spent” and killed and their male calves are taken away and sent to slaughter. The whole process isn’t humane either.

      • I said animals must be treated humanely, our society is judged by the way we treat our animals, but to call ranchers filthy is a degrading generalization.

  3. Ranchers have been destroying the environment for decades. In the western U.S. and parts of Canada, these spoiled rotten killers have been subsidized by taxpayers , while they continue to slaughter millions of wild animals, just because they can. Wild animals are trapped, aerial shot, ground shot, poisoned, tortured, harassed–just to appease ranchers, who are turning Wild Lands into Domesticated Feed Lots.

    There is absolutely nothing redeeming about ranchers, period. Let’s quit making excuses for their terrible destruction of Nature.

    The Wild Life and Wild Lands are denuded, poisoned, polluted by these environmental spoilers, because stupid people still believe in some “romantic notion” of the rugged individualist “cowboy,” riding his horse into the sunset. It’s all a lie.

    Every time I witness a coyote or other poor animal caught in a steel trap, or protest coyote or prairie dog killing contests, I am just more committed to Stopping Livestock Grazing on All Public Lands. Let’s get these moochers off the wilderness areas, national forests, wildlife “refuges” and other public lands, so remaining wild animals will have their rightful home back.

    To Hell with the ranchers. If these nimrods can’t make it on their private lands, let them get a real job. Livestock Grazing is the most wide spread, environmentally destructive human activity around the world–along with human overpopulation.

  4. By the way, those of us who come from rancher/farmer families, know full well what goes on in those “farms and ranches.” And it isn’t pretty. You can call them the “salt of the Earth” and romanticize them, but that is not the reality. It is time to face reality, if you truly care about animals, including wild species, which are the true “salt of the earth,” because they represent the Diversity of the Planet, without which no life survives.

  5. Yes, I hope this man gets more than a stern warning and a slap on the wrist. Resisting and obstructing an officer from exercising their duties ought to count for something, I hope.

    We romanticize a lot of things, it’s true, like our reproducing. The latest carrying on about celebrity divorces says it all, instead of concentrating on real problems this country if facing. My opinion of what caused the divorce is that the reality of raising six kids drove them both sh*thouse!!! 😛

  6. Yes, most people are so stressed with jobs, or not having jobs, mortgages, or not having a place to live, and they usually have bred at least a couple of offspring. I am noticing more couples with 3-4 or more kids now, and of course, kids in the U.S. are very big consumers of the Earth:
    Use It and Lose It: The Outsize Effect of US … – Scientific American
    Scientific American:
    “It is well known that Americans consume far more natural resources and live much less … “A child born in the United States will create thirteen times as much …”

    Given the reality of the costs of breeding, not to mention the costs to the planet, many people secretly wish they never had any children, but would be afraid to admit it. In college, I read a marvelous book titled “Mother’s Day is Over” discussing this very subject of our “Pro-Natal World,” & the pressure to have kids. I even did a paper on this subject, which opened my eyes!

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