11 Times Trump Said ‘Climate Change Is a Hoax’

Though moderator Lester Holt did not ask a specific question on climate change during the first presidential debate last night, Rolling Stone said, “Trump’s big debate lie on global warming” became the “most important exchange of the night.”

After just 18 minutes of the debate, conversation between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trumpquickly transitioned to renewable energy jobs as they discussed the economy. During that exchange, Clinton slipped in the well-known fact that Trump believes climate change is “a hoaxperpetrated by the Chinese.” Though he has called climate change a hoax numerous times since 2012, he still interrupted Clinton to reject that claim.

Here are 11 times Donald Trump called climate change a hoax—compiled by the Sierra Club Political Committee—despite him telling 100 million people last night that he never said it:

1. Donald Trump on climate change policy on Fox News:

More: http://www.ecowatch.com/trump-climate-change-hoax-2018812943.html


6 thoughts on “11 Times Trump Said ‘Climate Change Is a Hoax’

  1. Republicans on animal rights, animal farming, recreational wildlife killing (aka hunting), the environment, public land: State control of, management of national forests, public land, environmental policy, wilderness, wildlife are the goals of of the dark side (republicans), as well as control of many social issues. They, the conservatives, want control of wolf management, grizzly management, predator management in general, endangered species, ESA, EPA, so that they can marginalize, wipe out wolves, other predators, favor economic special interests, I.e. hunters, ranchers, extraction industries.

    The alternative universe party (GOP) that denies science, logic, facts, is also the anti environment, anti wildlife, anti public lands party. Don’t vote republican if you care much about wildlife, wilderness, public lands, refuges, or parks, if you care much about the environment. Republicans are generally anti-environment and anti-wilderness and anti-wildlife. Now, there is a growing effort to turn public lands over to state and local “management” and demonstration of that nature, a Pandora’s Box. They are generally anti-science, anti-logic, arti-fact, alternative universe party, make believe what -they-want party. They are the the party of climate change denial, the only free world major party this obtuse and paranoid (believing climate change a leftist conspiracy). The GOP has voted against the environment and wildlife 90%-99%the time in the past 15 years. Examples: MT Senator Steve Daines ® has voted against the environment 99% of the time, Congressman Ryan Zinke ® of MT 97% of the time. GOP capitalistic, self-centered greed is no doubt a major factor. But many on the GOP far right believe in creationism. It is basically a party that is anti-logic, anti-science, anti-facts when it conflicts with capitalistic short-term, self-centered greed (no concern for the environment, let’s make a buck now). It is the Anthropocene Extinction Party.

    The republican brain thinking may have a genetic basis. It is somewhat of a worldwide manifestation of conservative thinking. They staunchly resist change and progress. They stubbornly stand by failed economic-political theories (trickle down economics, unfettered/unregulated capitalism, states’ rights over federal general public rights, neoconservative militaristic meddlesomeness). They are the party of “No”.

    The conservativesrepeatedly, annually, try to sneak through their anti-environment, anti-wilderness agendas on riders to must pass bills, like the defense bill or Interior bills. They are the Grand Obstructionist & Paranoid Party. They are the party that wants to devvy up what is left of public lands and wilderness to corporate interests, rancher, extraction industries, development. They keep trying trying end runs, flank attacks on public land. Watch out for forest “management” tactics or other attempts at opening up Pandora’s Box on local/state management of forest or other public land. They are the unfettered commerce party of let’s have it now now wanton greed. Sit down republicans when little thoughts start rumbling, round them up, sit down before you hurt yourselves or the rest of us.




    missoulian.com/news/opinion/columnists/republicans-can-t-be-concerned about the environment










    http://sacb.ee/6jz0 Who are the good peoplehttp:







  2. Trump is making big promises for job creation and is advocating coal, gas, and oil extraction. So believing in climate change is inconvenient and incompatible with his proposals. As for biodiversity and loss of species, I’m sure The Donald couldn’t care less about those!

  3. Hillary thinks ‘green jobs’ are the answer, which translated, to me, means creating an industry out of ‘vast’ solar and wind farms, ripping up large swaths of habitat, and following the same playbook as fossil fuel companies. Jobs and the economy are the primary goal, which would seem to negate any benefit from what would seem to be green energy, especially since fossil fuels and fracking won’t be phased out any time soon, nor gas-guzzling vehicles.

    During the debate, Hillary did not give any answers on what we should expect from her presidency, just the usual responses and put-downs of her opponent. Heresy, I know – I didn’t think Trump was that bad. Tim Kaine as VP, Ken Salazar as Transition Team manager – and by inference, could that mean Jon Tester as Interior Secretary? Who knows?

    • I thought he did well at the beginning, talking about keeping jobs in the US, and encouraging companies to stay. When he mentions ‘decrease regulations to make a more hospitable business climate’, we know he means dismantling the EPA, etc. (We should carry a translation booklet for politicianspeak!) I hung on every word they both said, believe me. Sadly, he has the common touch, and her demeanor seems remote.

      Not paying taxes – don’t they all avoid it?

      Beauty pageants – aren’t they inherently sexist anyway and need to be done away with? Kinda hypocritical.

      • I forgot about the ‘birther’ crap! Why are they still talking about this now, and at an important debate no less?????

        My takeaway from that was that HC’s staff had no qualms about using the birther crap to throw at President Obama when she was running against him, just as they tried to take down Bernie in the same manner with the DNC revelations came out. At any rate, it isn’t something people want to hear about at a debate! Too much time was spent on stuff like this, and not enough on the important matters.

  4. I think I’m going to have to block out all of the extraneous stuff (45 min to an hour during the debate?) and try to focus on the issues only. Hillary did mention climate change, but only to attack DT supposed comment about it being ‘a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese’ and a vague reference to ‘green jobs’. I don’t want to see nature and wildlife turned into an industry.

    I hadn’t ever paid attention to DT because I don’t agree with the Republican platform even at best. This was my first time really seeing him.

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