Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Wisconsin legislators among most cruel to animals in country

Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife


“Firearms with repeating actions, which includes varieties such as lever action, pump, and semi-automatic are generally allowed during all of our seasons when firearms can be used.” ~ James Dick, DNR spokesperson

The Animal Legal Defense Fund annually ranks all 50 states on the strength of their animal protection laws. The organization’s 2015 U.S. Animal Protection Laws Rankings dropped the Wisconsin Legislature from a rank of 36th in 2014 to 44th in 2015, near the bottom. It is an abysmal record, the result of anti-democratic Republican gerrymandering, voter suppression, disrespect for science and wildlife, lack of moral compass, and the poor choices of Wisconsin citizens.

To paraphrase Gandhi, a state can be known by the way it treats its animals.

According to rankings by the League of Humane Voters of Wisconsin, half the Wisconsin Assembly rated a zero (50 of 99 Assembly members) for not supporting humane bills and…

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One thought on “Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Wisconsin legislators among most cruel to animals in country

  1. Canned or not, regulated or not, licensed or not, deemed falsely in some places as subsistence and therefore justified and rationalized, hunting perpetuates hunting, the recreational killing of wildlife. It is brutal, barbaric, senseless, not sporting, not a sport, not a wholesome activity for individuals or family, not fair chase in any form, under any circumstances, not good for wildlife, not good for humankind. It perpetuates the dark nature of man as a wanton killer, a terrible, unique, beast. Canned hunting, is as bad or worse, than any other form. It is time so-called civilization gave up the killing tradition of hunting. Only about 6% of the population in the USA continue this killing tradition. It is time the other 94% end the barbarity. Much less of the population can afford the travel, outfitter, travel expenses of trophy hunting.


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