A Tale of Two Ridiculously Unpopular Candidates

by Paul Watson

Hillary Clinton does not understand the political systems in Scandinavian countries. She was quoted saying the following about Bernie Sanders supporters.

“They think they can have free college, free healthcare, that what we’ve done hasn’t gone far enough, and that we just need to, you know, go as far as, you know, Scandinavia, whatever that means, and half the people don’t know what that means, but it’s something that they deeply feel.”

Perhaps a trip to some Scandinavian nations may enlighten her as to how this system that she does not understand, actually works.

A nation that invests in education is a nation that benefits from education. A nation that provides healthcare is a humane nation. Scandinavian countries have a higher level of education, better health and less crime than the United States.

The U.S. invests in war and empire building.

Why is it okay for the Pentagon to have an unlimited expense account but kids with the abilities cannot receive a proper education. For the money the United States gives to Israel each year every young American could get a good education. Hillary supports hand-outs to Israel to benefit the Israeli army, Israeli schools and hospitals but does not support students and hospital patients in our own country.

One of the reasons that Trump is so popular can be attributed to the the low level of general education in America. He is against funding NATO and the military forces of foreign countries.

Scandinavian nations like most European nations are more democratic. They give more than two choices and people can actually vote for people who represent their own political and social views. Of course there are negatives like barbaric Norwegian and Danish whaling but we can’t have everything I suppose.

I do not believe that a vote for a third party is a vote for Trump. I vote for the person who best represents my values and my political position. That ain’t Trump nor is it Clinton.

I asked myself, would I vote for fracking? Would I vote for Monsanto? Would I vote for war? Would I vote for Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Banks etc? Would I vote for someone who does not support indigenous rights, does not support veterans, who only pays lip service to conservation, to climate change and to environmental issues?

No, I would not vote for any of these things so why would I vote by proxy for any of them, in fact for all of them, by voting for Hillary Clinton?

I do not vote for the lesser of two evils. I’m a historian. The lesser of two evils is still evil. Hitler was actually the lesser of two evils. It would have been much more dangerous and much worst if Ernest Röhm had prevailed over Hitler. So I suppose that in that case there is something to be said for the lesser of two evils although of little comfort to the millions who died because of Hitler.

Trump has not killed anyone yet that we know of. Clinton has contributed to the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

I voted for and contributed funds to Bernie Sanders but I will not vote for who Bernie Sanders tells me to vote for and especially for the woman who cheated him of his rightful victory.

The only reason Hillary Clinton even has a shot at winning the Presidency is because of Trump. The Republicans could have run Romney or even Jeb Bush and they would have beaten her.

I am not a millenial. I have lived and spent time in Scandinavian countries and therefore I know exactly how the system works in Scandinavia and it sure as hell works better than in America. Why would I vote for a politician who claims to not understand what Scandinavian socialism is all about.

Yes Trump is a liar but most politicians are liars. Clinton is also a liar. Trump’s support comes from a mass disenchantment with the American political establishment. He has already succeeded in destroying the Republican Party and Hillary Clinton with her logo of an arrow pointing to the right has taken over the Republican establishment. Even George W. Bush is going to vote for her. The Democrats no longer exist in the traditional sense – they have morphed to the far right and the Republicans have morphed towards the insanely far right.

Perhaps Washington deserves Donald Trump. He’s one big slap in the arrogant face of the establishment politicians. His supporters may not have any idea what he represents or what he wants to do (even he does not know what he actually stands for) but what they do know is he will shake up a system that needs shaking up. He certainly won’t make good on all his ridiculous promises. There won’t be a wall and he won’t be allowed to remove the 1st amendment. I’m sure he will make such an ass of himself that he may be quickly impeached. He won’t go to war with Russia but Hillary may do so and that makes her the most dangerous of the two.

I won’t be voting for either one of these candidates. That’s like having to choose between cholera and yellow fever. Not that it matters. I live in Vermont although I have been surprised at the number of Trump lawn signs I’ve seen in both Vermont and New Hampshire which is somewhat alarming.

Come November I will go to the voting station to “throw away” my vote to a third party candidate with the knowledge that if everyone had the courage to vote for what they actually believed in, we could actually have a decent President.

Voting for a third party takes not only courage but also imagination and vision. Unfortunately most American have capitulated to the undemocratic two party system and that does nothing but entrench the oligarchs where they wish to be and obligates the majority to actually vote against their principles and their conscience.

So when people say that if Trump wins it will be because I did not vote for Clinton, I can just as easily say that a Trump win would also be because they did not vote for a third party candidate.

3 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Ridiculously Unpopular Candidates

  1. Trumpism and GOP is without substance, trickle down, unfettered capitalism, obstructionism, saber rattling, fear mongering, racism, xenophobia, trumped up non issues, “Make America White Again” is the GOP. Of course, the VP debate did not change anything. Penske may have won on decorum, but he did not win a single point on substance. Trumpism and the GOP have nothing to offer but demagoguery, lies, appeal to the red flag issues.

    In the first debate (September 26, 2016), and likely subsequent debates, Trump was due for failure because of Trumpism (demagoguery on issues, trumped up issues, xenophobia, racism, sexism, misogyny, ignorance of international treaties, ignorance of law, tribalism/nationalist isolationist tendencies), lies about bringing back coal jobs, manufacturing, and lies about trade deals. Trumpism will fly with the uneducated, white, likely racist voter. Demagoguery works with them. Ignorance and the rest of Trumpism will not fly so well in a general election. Trump can count on a 40% vote plus of his core followers, but not with the college educated and minority groups and women. Demagogic Trumpism, Make America White again only goes so far. He was also due for failure on “Trumped up trickle down” as Hillary referred to it, but it is deeper dipping republican siren songs of cut taxes for the rich and corporations and deregulation, both failed theories of policy and practice and lessons we should have learned. Trump is a symptom of some things drastically wrong with the party, not an anomaly. Besides the failures of republican governing philosophy mentioned, and the continuous wars of neoconservatism zeitgeist, the party has been courting the far right fringe for votes since Nixon, at least, and the end result has been Trump, a party that is against science, logic, facts. It is a paranoid, delusional conspiracy party of an alternative universe, free to just believe an utterance, a conspiracy theory, an idea just because they have repeated it ad nausea. Their republican religion “trumps” science, logic, facts, empiricism.

    Let us hope it does not Trump America.


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  2. The parties or candidates are nowhere near equivalent, again: are nowhere near equivalent. So aside from the candidates, consider the vast differences. Republicans are from the dark side of the force on animal rights, animal farming, recreational wildlife killing (aka hunting), the environment, public land, the environment, management of national forests, keeeping public land public, environmental policy, wilderness protection, wildlife protection, as well as most social and economic issues. They, the conservatives, want state control of wolf management, grizzly management, predator management in general, endangered species, ESA, EPA, so that they can marginalize, wipe out wolves, other predators, favor economic special interests, I.e. hunters, ranchers, extraction industries.

    The alternative universe party (GOP) that denies science, logic, facts, is also the anti environment, anti wildlife, anti public lands party. Don’t vote republican if you care much about wildlife, wilderness, public lands, refuges, or parks, if you care much about the environment. Republicans are generally anti-environment and anti-wilderness and anti-wildlife. Now, there is a growing effort to turn public lands over to state and local “management” and demonstration of that nature, a Pandora’s Box. They are generally anti-science, anti-logic, arti-fact, alternative universe party, make believe what -they-want party. They are the the party of climate change denial, the only free world major party this obtuse and paranoid (believing climate change a leftist conspiracy). The GOP has voted against the environment and wildlife 90%-99%the time in the past 15 years. Examples: MT Senator Steve Daines ® has voted against the environment 99% of the time, Congressman Ryan Zinke ® of MT 97% of the time. GOP capitalistic, self-centered greed is no doubt a major factor. But many on the GOP far right believe in creationism. It is basically a party that is anti-logic, anti-science, anti-facts when it conflicts with capitalistic short-term, self-centered greed (no concern for the environment, let’s make a buck now). It is the Anthropocene Extinction Party.

    The republican brain thinking may have a genetic basis. It is somewhat of a worldwide manifestation of conservative thinking. They staunchly resist change and progress. They stubbornly stand by failed economic-political theories (trickle down economics, unfettered/unregulated capitalism, states’ rights over federal general public rights, neoconservative militaristic meddlesomeness). They are the party of “No”.

    The conservatives repeatively, annually, try to sneak through their anti-environmenr, anti-wilderness agendas on riders to must pass bills, like the defense bill or Interior bills. They are the Grand Obstructionist & Paranoid Party. They are the party that wants to devvy up what is left of public lands and wilderness to corporate interests, rancher, extraction industries, development. They keep trying trying end runs, flank attacks, on public land. Watch out for forest “management” tactics or other attempts at opening up Pandora’s Box on local/state management of forest or other public land. They are the unfettered commerce party of let’s have it now now wanton greed. Sit down republicans when little thoughts start rumbling, round them up, sit down before you hurt yourselves or the rest of us.



    Trade Agreements Trump Loves to Hate Actually Have Small Positive Effects
    Bloomberg 10/01/2016
    A Congressional Budget Office report shows that trade agreements have benefits, albeit uneven ones Read the full story




    missoulian.com/news/opinion/columnists/republicans-can-t-be-concerned about the environment










    http://sacb.ee/6jz0 Who are the good peoplehttp:







  3. Since both are unpopular, we can look forward to more years of gridlock too. As for Trump, he is the karma the Republican Establishment deserves for making promises to the Religious Right that they did not fulfill. The Democratic Establishment has sold out to Wall Street and has been ignoring the people slipping out of the middle class since Reagan days.

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