This Year, I’m Not Voting “For” Anyone…

I’m casting my vote against Donald Trump. There are countless reasons why, not least10592828_10153082232478508_4644565137425820442_n of which is that his sons are trophy hunters, responsibe for the deaths of elephants, leopards and untold other African animals.

But, ‘they are not him,’ you might say. No, and George W was not George Bush, Sr. But W would never have been eletected (or even thought of running) if his father wasn’t first. One sport hunter in the upper echelons of government is bad enough (and we already have one in speaker of the house Paul Ryan).

That doesn’t mean Hillary is the perfect choice either, though. Back when she rejected overpopulation as an issue by telling China (as Secretary of State) that their one-child policy was was wrong, I swore I’d never vote for her if she ran for office in the future. (At least her husband and daughter are veg.)

But Trump is clearly the wrong choice, with his statement that he “believes” climate change is a “hoax” and his selection of a fellow denialist for his cabinet.

I mean, it’s not like we’re talking about god, the easter bunny, or bigfoot; climate change is a well-documented, well-proven fact, and the most urgent issue of our time.



12 thoughts on “This Year, I’m Not Voting “For” Anyone…

  1. bless you ☺

    ..I loathe Trump and his devil spawn serial-killing children (his daughter is a fur hag)
    ..and as a 71 year-old female (recent widow/retired teacher), I was for Hillary before Barack..
    ..then when Barack won the primary, I sorta’ grudgingly got behind Obama..
    .. but wow am I gonna’ miss him.
    ..and now’s my chance, if I live that long, to see my first black president..
    ..and then my first woman president..
    ..I so wish my husband were still here on earth..
    ..political soulmates (and in all other things) were we ☺
    ..He died a month and two days before the last mid-term election..
    ..even though I cried my way through the voting process 11-4-2014, I knew he would want me to vote..
    and then when I got home, my precious 14 year-old rescued border collie mix Rosie died..
    ..and the Democrats lost the Senate ☻
    ..(for a time, I truly thought I was living the world’s worst “country western” song ☺ ..poor attempt at humor☺ is a “crap shoot”..I have never felt sorry for myself for one second ever) now it’s not just sociopath Trump that makes me a little nervous come this election day..
    ..I’m not superstitious but…
    ..I’ve had a little “run” of bad luck..
    ..on election day☺ *grins*

    • I’m sorry to hear that. My husband and I don’t agree on all things political, but on some things we do. He’s adamantly against the Donald! I lost my 19-year old Siamese this past June too. I was thrilled to vote for President Obama the first time around too, and now, I kinda wish he’d stay…..

      • Ken Salazar is a monster, he must GO… it was a slap in the face to progressives wanting $ out of politics, until the revolving industry door closes & corporations stop running our government, we will not have a democracy

  2. It’s got to be the ugliest election cycle I have ever seen in my life. The worst thing is all the mudslinging, and it’s especially disappointing coming from the Democratic side, and the media are Democratic rags and shills throughout all of this, especially the WP. I’m waiting with bated breath for Julian Assange’s slow-drip of an information dump, and if either of them pass that vetting process, we’ll see. My feeling is that corruption needs to be gotten rid of, and the system upended and started anew. Otherwise, it’s Green Party for me. Clifton Roberts does sound like one of the last honest and caring people in the world too.

    • I watched the first round of debates, and I have to add to my list that when Hillary was asked about her emails, it appeared to me that she implied “Yeah, I made a mistake – so what?” and spent very little time or contrition. The woman definitely has an image problem.

      • The funny thing is I voted for her in the primaries, and I was all set to voter for her until the DNC. After that, I don’t feel the same anymore. Maybe it was Ken Salazar, I don’t know. I don’t feel comfortable with crony politics. But we’ll see how things sort out between now and election day.

  3. I too would much rather cast my vote for a ‘3rd option’ (I am a strong Bernie Sanders supporter). And although the Green party (my registered party affiliation) represents my personal values, my ‘concise’ is to prevent someone so threatening as trump, his horrid offspring and pence (a Koch brothers puppeteer) from getting anywhere near the White House. A HRC presidency will buy progressives 4 years to get it together and organize… a trump administration will DESTROY this country… just imagine the damage globally… casting a protest vote at this point, with so much at stake (like our planet) is selfish… it will mean NOTHING EXCEPT TO PUT TRUMP (A HUMAN MONSTER) INTO THE MOST POWERFUL POSITION IN THE WORLD.. WITH A FULLLY LOADED NUCLEAR ARSINAL INCLUDED…. just look at the damage his campaign has done… nope, not willing to give them anymore power nor give the racist, bigoted, xenophobic, sexist, trophy hunting murderers & climate science deniers any additional sense of righteousness or entitlement than they have already received

  4. As a former Bernie supporter I absolutely will vote for Hillary. Trump is unhinged and unfit for any political office, let alone the presidency. I cannot imagine the horror this country will face if he gets in. Try to recall that Ralph Nader running for the Green Party in 2000 was the major factor in Bush getting elected over Gore. As far as I’m concerned, the Green Party does not exist.
    Bernie was not perfect and Hillary is not perfect, but I’ll be happy to choose between the “lesser of two evils.”

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