Twenty Senators Sign Letter to Keep Energy Bill Clear of Anti-Wildlife Riders

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Photo from flickr by Anders IllumWashington, DC—Twenty US senators signed a letter voicing their concerns over numerous anti-wildlife provisions that are currently being negotiated in the energy bill conference. The letter is addressed to Senators Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and Maria Cantwell (D-WA), chair and ranking member of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, and will be sent to the five other Senate conferees.

Earlier this year, the US House of Representatives voted to include the Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement (SHARE) Act (H.R. 2406) in an energy bill that is currently being reconciled with the Senate’s Energy Policy Modernization Act (S. 2012).

The letter initiative, led by Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ), urges Senate conferees charged with negotiating the final legislative package to reject any and all provisions that would imperil wildlife.

The letter details some of the most harmful wildlife provisions folded into the House energy package, including attempts to:

  • expand the use of dangerous and indiscriminate traps on millions of acres of public lands by taking the unprecedented step of defining trapping as a form of hunting;
  • revoke protections for imperiled gray wolf populations and preclude future judicial review;
  • force the National Park Service to allow private hunters to kill otherwise protected bison as part of certain “management”plans;
  • permanently prevent numerous government agencies from even assessing the risks posed by lead ammunition;
  • gut the historic rule of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service restricting the sale of ivory to combat wildlife trafficking and save elephants from extinction;
  • promote the controversial practice of using dogs to hunt deer in certain national forests; and
  • block the NPS and USFWS from implementing policies to protect native carnivores and limit particularly cruel killing methods on millions of acres within National Wildlife Refuges and National Preserves.

“There have been over 100 legislative attacks against wildlife and the Endangered Species Act this session of Congress,” said Joanna Grossman, federal policy advisor for the Animal Welfare Institute. “But even amid this onslaught, the SHARE Act stands apart with its many provisions that promote a host of activities that few Americans would consider ‘sportsmanlike’—from killing nursing coyote pups in their dens to setting body-gripping traps on public lands. We hope those members of Congress currently reconciling the Senate and House energy bills will heed the concerns outlined by their colleagues and ensure that the final product remains free of extraneous riders aimed squarely at harming wildlife.”


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4 thoughts on “Twenty Senators Sign Letter to Keep Energy Bill Clear of Anti-Wildlife Riders

  1. Republicans have voted against the environment 92-99 % of the time. They wa t to gut and undermine EPA, ESA, and turn over public lands to corporate interests.

    The parties or candidates are nowhere near equivalent, again: are nowhere near equivalent. So aside from the candidates, consider the vast differences. Republicans are from the dark side of the force on animal rights, animal farming, recreational wildlife killing (aka hunting), the environment, public land, the environment, management of national forests, keeping public land public, environmental policy, wilderness protection, wildlife protection, as well as most social and economic issues.

    They, the conservatives, want state control of wolf management, grizzly management, predator management in general, endangered species, ESA, EPA, so that they can marginalize, or wipe out wolves, other predators, favor economic special interests, I.e. hunters, ranchers, extraction industries.

    The alternative universe party (GOP) that denies science, logic, facts, is also the anti environment, anti wildlife, anti public lands party. Don’t vote republican if you care much about wildlife, wilderness, public lands, refuges, or parks, if you care much about the environment. Republicans are generally anti-environment and anti-wilderness and anti-wildlife.

    Now, there is a growing effort to turn public lands over to state and local “management” and demonstration of that nature, a Pandora’s Box. They are generally anti-science, anti-logic, arti-fact, alternative universe party, make believe what -they-want party. They are the the party of climate change denial, the only free world major party this obtuse and paranoid (believing climate change a leftist conspiracy). The GOP has voted against the environment and wildlife 90%-99%the time in the past 15 years. Examples: MT Senator Steve Daines ® has voted against the environment 99% of the time, Congressman Ryan Zinke ® of MT 97% of the time. GOP capitalistic, self-centered greed is no doubt a major factor. But many on the GOP far right believe in creationism. It is basically a party that is anti-logic, anti-science, anti-facts when it conflicts with capitalistic short-term, self-centered greed (no concern for the environment, let’s make a buck now). It is the Anthropocene Extinction Party.

    Saber rattling, war mongering, meddlesomeness, law and order (profiling, stop and frisk, over policing, police militarization, fill up prisons), privatization of social security, Medicare, healthcare, corporate tax deductions even more than its current low, all this is the Republican Party. “Trumped up” trickle down as Hillary said, and she is right.

    The republican brain thinking may have a genetic basis. It is somewhat of a worldwide manifestation of conservative thinking. They staunchly resist change and progress. They stubbornly stand by failed economic-political theories (trickle down economics, unfettered/unregulated capitalism, states’ rights over federal general public rights, neoconservative militaristic meddlesomeness). They are the party of “No”.

    The conservatives repeatedly, annually, try to sneak through their anti-environment, anti-wilderness agendas on riders to must pass bills, like the defense bill or Interior bills. They are the Grand Obstructionist & Paranoid Party. They are the party that wants to devvy up what is left of public lands and wilderness to corporate interests, rancher, extraction industries, development. They keep trying trying end runs, flank attacks, on public land. Watch out for forest “management” tactics or other attempts at opening up Pandora’s Box on local/state management of forest or other public land. They are the unfettered commerce party of let’s have it now now wanton greed. Sit down republicans when little thoughts start rumbling, round them up, sit down before you hurt yourselves or the rest of


    Trade Agreements Trump Loves to Hate Actually Have Small Positive Effects
    Bloomberg 10/01/2016
    A Congressional Budget Office report shows that trade agreements have benefits, albeit uneven ones Read the full story about the environment–election.html?soc_src=social-sh&soc_trk=ma Who are the good peoplehttp:


  2. Pingback: Contact your Rep and Senators not to accept the SHARE Act (H.R. 2406) being reconciled with the Senate’s Energy Policy Modernization Act (S. 2012) as it contains the most anti-wildlife riders ever written. – uddeer

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