70 Wolves Killed in Idaho in 2016


BOISE, Idaho – Idaho officials say livestock depredations by wolves appear to have reached a low point, showing that the program is on the right path.

Idaho Wildlife Services Director Todd Grimm says his office killed 70 wolves in Fiscal Year 2016, which ended Oct. 1, 50 of the wolves were tied to livestock depredations. The recent numbers were about the same as during FY 2015 and slightly down from 2013.

Grimm says he believes depredation cases have gotten about as low as they will be.

Idaho Governor’s Office of Species Conservation Administrator Dustin Miller says the state, which recently took over wolf management, has greater flexibility to manage the predators that the federal government did. He says he expects the trend of depredations to stay low.



3 thoughts on “70 Wolves Killed in Idaho in 2016

  1. Of course Wildlife Services (USDA) will justify what they do, which is kill and kill. Left alone wolves will fill up available niches, then regulate their own numbers, as the packs compete for territory. The number one killer of wolves is other wolves. Wildlife Services may even being doing more harm than good, as they are with coyotes. If ranchers are seeing any depredation from wolves, it is because the ranchers are on leased wild land, or adjunct to it. Of course problem packs may have to be dealt with, occasionally lethally. But most of the time it is rancher encroachment and then failure to manage livestock in predator country and failure to adequately use non lethal means: fladry, riders patrolling the grazing area, guard dogs, electric fences, not put stock in predator rich territory in the first place. It is usually ranchers and stock that needs management. And, stop the encroachment. Stop leasing more and more public land and national forest to ranchers.

  2. The worst ‘accomplishment’ ever by a Democratic administration, was to allow delisting of wolves for their own political gain. What has followed since then was entirely predictable and avoidable. When I think of all those Democrats who agreed to it! The attitudes towards wolves will never change, and it is foolish to think the willful naivete of compromise will do our wildlife any good in the future.

    Now, not having learned from that, grizzly bears are next to be sacrificed. My worst nightmare will be when Jon Tester is appointed Secretary of the Interior, and if not him, I fully expect someone terrible if we can judge by HRC’s associates, and the tone of her emails, which smack of political expediency. But, Ken Salazar’s name has popped up in Hillary’s hacked emails, and hopefully many more too. Good reading, and Julian Assange reminds me very much of Daniel Ellsberg, despite how people try to denigrate him. I used to volunteer in a wildlife division of my state, and even my emails were public record.

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